.. where Ikea talks how he met Sipsik

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Many times people and other friends have asked me about where I am from and how I got my name, Ikea. So, let me tell you!

As much as can remember the first time i saw Sipsik in Göteborg, in this small bookstore that i was staying at the time. In fact, i don’t know how i got to the bookstore myself, and this is pretty much the first thing i remember about myself, being in the bookstore. I have to tell u that there were not many animals in the bookstore, besides me, a giraffe. Only books. And then, of course, the visitors. Like for exempel one older lady with blonde hair that came every day to fika and read a book or two in the store. Mostly detective stories, i think. And then i also remember one girl who usually came with 4-5 friends. She didn’t buy anything, but she came almost every day to look at me, a giraffe! It was Sipsik.

One day one of her friends came to the store without Sipsik and told me that she was going to take me to a new home. The only condition – i had to go into a paper bag and stay there until right time. I was not quite sure where we were going, but i soon found out – suddenly someone was opening the bag and there was: Sipsik! It was her birthday and I was the present, hehe! Very nice to be a present for someone who likes giraffes a lot!

But i was not the only present. There were other friends who brought presents. Especially it was fun for everybody to find out that two people had brought teddy-bears to Sipsik without knowing that the other person had the exact same Teddy! And they DID look alike, i can tell u! Here’s me, Sipsik, the teddies and friends:

So, it was all gr8 fun! But now there was a problem, how to call the teddies. Because, u know, u can’t call one teddy-bear teddy-bear without the other teddy-bear also noticing. So, it was decided at the party to rename teddies and me. I don’t know how it was exactly decided, because u know, it was decided in a secret teddy-bear-and-a-giraffe-naming-meeting, but i know the names had to be local. So as we were in Sweden, it just so happens that i got to be Ikea. As u may know, it is also a store, where u can buy cupboards and stuff. And the teddies, they got the names of Swedish cars – Saab och Volvo!

so now u know! how did u get your name? have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes wild-strawberry-hunting with Saab och Volvo

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Apparently, there is this other thing better than strawberries – you’re right – wild strawberries! so, with a little planning, we successfully excecuted this idea from couple of weeks back. unfortunately Undu wasn’t there because we could not find him as we set out for the expedition. actually, nobody knows where he was during that time. although i think he was sheeping…

so then, it was up to me and teddies. we set out to explore the wilderness with Volvo in charge:

as i turns out, they have a pretty good nose for wild strawberries! also i found out that wild strawberries are teddies’ number three favorite berries. number two being cowberries and number one – blueberries! well, that’s quite obvious really, just look at their face, hehe. but i have to say, Volvo and Saab eat pretty much everything. like paper for example!
in fact, even on our way i already spotted some, like here for example:

so, before the teddies could find out, i quickly grabbed..

.. and wohoo, it tasted well! :)

so, in no time we managed to hunt down a great spot of wild stawberries! in the fotograf u can see everyone concentrating on this little game we invented in the process. it is called “fun foraging” and it’s very simple – to find and eat as much berries as possible in least amount of time. it is great fun, quite recommended! here’s some fotografs of teddies playing:

->> Volvo jostling his way to the catch..

->> Saab about 1 second before the little red treats are no more.. (u can see Volvo just behind him in the grass!)

->> Volvo now posing for the camera. just for a second really!

->> and here’s everybody sunbathing, totally loaded with strawberries i’m afraid!

it was in fact quite hard to move after such intense and fun game that we had. i think i even stretched my neck a little (it’s ok by now). apparently, Volvo won the game. we agreed with the teddies to have a followup for the hunt soon too. they suggested to go for the blueberries this time and i agreed. im not such great fan of blueberries myself, but i think it will be fun to see Volvo and Saab playing fun foraging again, hehe! what about you, have u played fun foraging? perhaps you have a different name for it – let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is playing yatzy with Saab och Volvo

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i have had few questions about friends who are living together with me. so, i did a little research and here are the results: first, i guess you have already heard about Angel, the ice-bear. he usually sits on telly or hides in the bamboo basket, if u ask me. then, just recently a new friend, Undu moved in also. he’s very funny with his sheep coat. since about a year ago, we also have a girl in our house, named Leenu. apparently she’s not been on this blog yet. hmm… that’s probably because she’s really quiet! then i have also another friend called Vassu – he’s a calf. in fact, i may need to blog about him some other time in more detail, he’s actually quite funny. and then of course, there are Saab and Volvo. they are Teddy-bears. they are actually from Jonköping, Sweden, like me, so i guess they were actually the first roommates.

so, with a lot of fun outside in the snow recently, yesterday me and Saab and Volvo decided to do something fun in the house – to play yatzy. i think Saab and Volvo are playing yatzy and other games quite often with Leenu, but i have been really busy recently with my fotografs.

so, here we are, throwing dice. and if u are asking who won, then we don’t know for sure..! because in the middle of the game, when it was my turn and i was counting dice, Saab quickly ate the paper where we had been marking the scores! he wasn’t doing so well i’m afraid, that’s why. so, i think Volvo actually won because every time he had all sixes, as u can see here:

that’s really quite mysterious, i have to say. have u had anything like this while playing yatzy? let me know in comments and cu l8r!