.. where Ikea gets a new phone (again)!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Guess what! last few days has been very much fun playing with my new phone! It’s gr8 because of two reasons. Three in fact. One – it is new. Two, it is dust-proof. This is good because we giraffes like running a lot. and  it may get a bit dusty in the running process, if u ask me, so dustproof is gr8! And best thing about it – it is yellow! My second best favorite color, jei! Ok, gotta go and call my friend Angel (who has a birthday today), so cu l8r and have fun!

.. where Ikea is *not* stuck in a car!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

hehe, i just read on my blog what Angel was saying about me being stuck in a car! Well, let me tell you something funny – i was *not* stuck in a car! Instead,  I went to this place called Kõrvemaa (not too far) to watch a running event (i like running a lot, as u might know). I also have a fotograf to prove this (see below). But of course then, i went to visit my friend, moose Aura, who lives in South-Estonia (i have no fotografs to prove this, i’m afraid). So, it was a bit of a detour, if u ask me. I guess u could say i was playing hide-and-seek..

Either way, i just wanted to make sure there was no confusion about it. Getting stuck in a car is still on my ‘to do’ list, hehe!

ps. I will post some more fotografs from my trip to Stockholm soon. But i still need get them from my friend Sipsik. And then there is this gr8 thing called sorting out the best ones, which can take A LOT of time! So, i’d better start right away. Until then, have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes to garage48 demo event

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what? last weekend something fun happened in Tallinn and it was called garage48. i have to say that we, giraffes, don’t know much about garages usually, but apparently it was not in a garage at all. in fact, it seemed like it was in a restaurant of some sort, if u ask me. but i know from my friend Angel (he knows these things) that this event was not about cooking, it was about music. and it was a hackatlon. i’m not exactly sure what it means, but it’s a lot like running, except instead of running you do programming. and some other fun things like marketing. and if you do it over 48 hours, that’s like a marathon running. i like running a lot, u know! but i can’t tell u for sure, because when i got there, most of this hackatlon-ing was already done!

instead, there were presentations. they call these presentations “demos” and apparently they (the teams) have 3 minutes to explain what they have been doing last 48 hours. and the best one gets a diploma. so it’s a lot like the Olympics. Except that u don’t need to do a presentation there, i’m afraid! so, as u can see i took a couple of fotografs only because later, when i was planning to make more the projects got very much fun.. so i didn’t! but check out the projects! my favorite is SongBoutique, because i have really been looking for a nice song to send my friend Sipsik for her birthday..

well, in fact, i need to go check if they are in itunes already. so, until then, let me know if you have been to any hackatlons recently? have fun and cu l8r!