.. where Ikea finds a dandelion

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i guess u have been wandering where i have been! well, i have been in two places. stuck and on vacation! yes, we, giraffes also have a vacation sometimes. this was exactly the time. and i can explain about being stuck as well – i was travelling between places, hehe! in fact, i was travelling between so many places that i have lost count of how many places. i can tell u one thing – it was lots of fun!
like for example, this one time i found this nice yellow flower. apparently they are called dandelions! i can tell u that they are not lions, but flowers and they taste all right. the only similar thing with lions is i guess the name. and of course – the color, but i have heard they also turn white after a little while (not the lions – the dandelions), which again makes them not like lions at all. we’ll here it is:

looks quite nice, don’t you think? since i had time, i tried to take a nice fotograf of this dandelion as well. i think it came out quite nice – that’s the fotograf below. what do you think? it was lots of fun taking this fotograf because i did not have any friends with me, except a tripod. tripod is not an animal, but a thing for taking fotografs – if you are curious. So, it took almost all my time to get both me and the flower on the same fotograf. do you know why? because every time i went to the tripod, whole bunch of sheep sneaked up to the dandelion and tried to eat it! EVERY TIME! so, most of the time i was explaining to the sheep *NOT* to eat the dandelion. But it worked just as long i was sitting there, right when i walked up to camera – out of nowhere – new sheep came along, hehe! Not so easy to fotograf dandelions with the hungry sheep sneaking around!
but i did lots of other fun things, while on vacation. i also took some more fotografs, so i will try to post them next time. until then, let me know if u have taken any gr8 fotografs recently? have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea visits puppies and meets Shaun!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! last week i tried to visit my friends, puppies, to see how they were doing. i discovered that they had in fact left. their home was pretty much empty, except for the Black-And-White Cat, that was having a nap there instead. So i guess they must have gone travelling.
however, i did find out from the Cat that there were new puppies living nearby in the Shed. so, i went to meet them instead! they were seven!!

here you can see two of them new puppies, they are gr8! i met up with everybody and their mother Free and then we played a fun game called Judo. I learned Judo from my new friend Lotte, as u may know. So, i tried this new game out with my new puppy friends. it was great fun, as u can imagine! also, we invented a new version of the Judo – a team event! check it out:

lots of fun, don’t u think? the rules are very simple: there are just two: RULE #1. it is exactly like regular Judo, except rule nr two. RULE #2. you can have any number of teams with any number of players. so, this time we played with everybody on the same team!

l8r on we were thinking of playing hide and seek as well, because of the great hiding places in the shed, but apparently it was a nap time. so, instead i wondered around to look for some green grass. i was just about to eat some, when i met this Lamb!

we talked about best places to find grass around the farm and if he’d seen the Puppies. But he hadn’t, since he was only few weeks old. But i did learn that he’s name is Shaun! Shaun the Sheep, jei! what a surprise!! Now i have already three sheep friends with the name Shaun, hehe!

oh, it seems to me that i need to go now because we are going travelling, jei! so i better get packing. until then, have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea solves a mystery!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i don’t know if u have noticed, but quite often when im about to go and do something fun, Undu has dissappeared somewhere? so, i decided to put a “tail” on him – me! (although, in fact he already has a tail, like all wolves – so in case it is confusing, i tried to observe him very closely).

i must say, Undu really was not all that suspicious most of the morning, u know. he went about his usual chores of drinking milk, looking at the cow, cleaning out his pocket and sharpening claws. although i must say, he did sharpening claws twice! so, when i think about it now, it does seem a bit more suspicious than usual.. and then of course, it was quite obvious when he did not join me, teddies and Angel in playing yatzy! so, still playing, i kept a close watch on him from the corner of my eye! – i have quite big eyes, u know, i can keep an eye on lots of things! and, sure enough, suddenly Undu had sneaked out of the door! i excused myself and started to follow!

luckily undu did not go very fast. probably because of two things – he had now his sheep hat on (!!!) and also it was very very very hot! but it was good pace actually for sneaking (one of my favorite things to do also). we did not go to far really, and by the time we got there i had already solved the mystery – Undu was about to go SHEEPING! and he did! here’s a fotograf for you to see also (note the sheep on the background):

mystery solved! u must be curious to find out what ‘sheeping’ is? it is quite simple, really. it is when you go and mingle into a flock of sheep, dressed as a sheep, so that they don’t find out you are not a sheep! it’s actually one of Undu’s favorite things to do, as i found out! but he never takes friends – and it’s quite obvious why – we don’t have the sheep costumes!

but, it does seem a lot like a fun thing to do. maybe i will try to get a sheep costume for myself from somewhere? perhaps my friend Shaun can help – i will try to find out. Until then – let me know what fun’s been happening in your flock of sheep, hehe! have fun and cu l8r!