.. where Jonas moves in!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

woohoo, guess what happened! i had so many things going on that i forgot to do some blog posts! that’s ok, it happens with us, giraffes, sometimes. Giraffes are usually very busy, if u ask me! But in last weeks, really really many important things have happened. first of all, Holland lost in football. This is the sad news. Happy news is that we have new people and giraffes that have moved in with us! For example Lotta – but i don’t have a picture with her. But more importantly, let me present – Jonas!

Jonas is a giraffe, like me. Me and my friend Sipsik found Jonas in a shop, living together with a radiator and six pairs of shoes. Not much fun, i’m afraid. So we asked if he would like to move in with us instead! Jonas is lots of fun, he likes adventure and climbing trees!

he is not into fotografs very much because he is quite shy – as u see from the first fotograf, hehe. He also likes jumping up and down and playing hide-and-seek (gr8 news). That’s as much as we have found out so far! Maybe we’ll find out more about Jonas later, but we’ll see. Is there anything you would like to know? If u have, let me know in comments! tack!
Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea finds a fun path in Kadriorg

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i found a strange path in my home park, Kadriorg!! Check it out:

In fact, i was just doing my regular walking-around-in-the-park, when i noticed it! very interesting..! luckily there was just a sign explaining pretty much everything. u can read (click to make bigger):

apparently, it is some kind of art project. and it is there no longer, i’m afraid because i heard it was there only for a few days. however, i was there and i have proof (fotografs, as u can see). but also, i recorded a video. because, u know – and this is very mysterious, if u ask me, a giraffe – IT LEADS NOWHERE!! see for yourself:

it is very very strange, don’t you think? but certainly lots of fun! i hope they make more of those kinds of paths in Kadriorg, just for fun. have u seen anything like this in your neighborhoods? well, let me know!! and here’s a little “find-a-giraffe” fotograf for u as a bonus! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea attends light festival in Kadriorg

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Last week was extremely busy for us, giraffes. First of all, there were many things to do. Secondly, lots of fun to have. Third – places to visit! And OTHER things too, u know! Like for example in my home neighborhood, Kadriorg, there was this really nice festival called something like “Lights in Kadriorg”. Being the only giraffe (that i know of), me and my friends decided to go. It was lots of fun! I have some viagra here, too!

Unfortunately, some of them are little bit foggy, i’m afraid. It’s mainly because of me running all the time, because i wanted to count all the lights in the park. but, as u know, u can’t really get a good fotograf without flash and people (giraffes) running at the same time. but, take a look and perhaps u can visit next time. They have it every year and it is very nice!

it is hard to notice, but there are lots of people in these fotografs in fact. it is because it turned out this festival was more like a gr8 party with music and lights. i think i might start liking festivals actually. and it starts with f, so it’s a good start, for anything, really.

so, i gotta go to do some OTHER things now, but let me know if you went to this event too (i saw 10 000 people or so), and if u have any gr8 fotografs!! have fun and cu l8r!