.. where Ikea gets truffles for birthday!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

I guess u already know the good news! I had birthday last week! And thank u for the birthday wishes! I did not have time to post it sooner, but here it is: I got a present too – truffles!


I have to say, i have never had truffles before. In fact, who would have thought that in the world of ice-cream and acacia leaves there are also truffles? But there are, and i got this little nice package! it’s nice, don’t u think?
Well, i have to tell u a secret – this present was not only for me, but also for my friend, Sipsik. She had birthday too, u know! There were 5 different ones:


My friend Sipsik liked the one with chilli the best. And the one with rum. As for me, i liked the white one the most – it’s with the coconut. I like coconuts a lot. They are easily in top 20 of nuts that i like, so that’s a good thing. And it also sounds fun: a coconut! Sound is an important thing about coconuts, or nuts in general, it seems to me.. Like for example my friend Lotte told me that u can do horses walking with big coconuts. Hmm. Maybe u can do giraffes walking with coconuts too? Have to find out some day.. Maybe today?

So, how about you? Have u had any birthdays lately? or truffles? Apparently they make these truffles in a place called Pierre, in Estland. Have u tried? let me know which u like best! Have fun and cu l8r!


.. where Ikea assembles a red table!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Guess what! our new red table arrived from – yes! – IKEA! and we got to build it. Well, my friend Lotte says we did not exactly build it, because, it was almost done. So u can say we put it together. or assembled it. Either way, now we have it! Do u want to know more about it? Here comes!

so, here’s me and my friend Tik inspecting the package. The gr8 news is that in addition to the red table, there are also chairs! 2 of them, in fact.
so that is exactly what was in the topmost package. here’s me and my friends Lotte and Tik contemplating. Because, u know, at first it seems like there are too many parts! Luckily for us, my friend Lotte is quite good at these assemblies. We had the first chair together in almost no time at all!
Here’s Lotte, Tik and me with the chair. So, now we left the other chair for my friend Sipsik and moved on to the table ourselves. Here on the next fotograf, u already see two chairs completed and most of the table as well:
The gr8 thing about these IKEA tables (besides that they look nice) is that they are so easy to assemble. In fact, it took even less time for my friend Sipsik to put this other chair together. It is actually a little bit mystery to me that chairs can be so easy to assemble..
Well, the good news is that the red table and the chairs are all together now, as u can see below. So it was time to rest a little bit. But let me also tell u a secret – this table and chairs are not for us – they are for my friends Pipi and Lotta! But i have agreed with my friend Sipsik that we can use them as well. I know the Teddies want to use these chairs to climb up to the cookie jar, but i’m not so sure this was part of the agreement..? So, i have to find out. Until then, let me know if u have assembled any tables or chairs recently? Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea recommends Sipsik’s blog

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what? i have been busy! giraffes are very active especially at the start of the new year and i have not had time to make any fotografs. so, instead, let me tell u one gr8 news – it’s a new blog! it’s not mine, it’s my friends’ – Sipsik’s. And it is about cooking. Cooking is almost like cookies, but with lots of more stuff. I don’t like cooking as much, but i like baking cookies, as probably know. Cooking involves baking too, so it’s actually gr8 fun.

So, u can check out the blog here: sipsikkokkab.blogspot.com but i have to tell u it is in Estonian. But that’s ok. If u don’t know Estonian, u can look at pictures – they are gr8 too! or u can use a translator, like me, hehe! My friend Lotte is also gr8 at translation, maybe she can help. In fact i will go and ask what kind of languages she can translate (it’s a lot!). Until then, let me know if u have started any blogs recently? Have fun and cu l8r!


Cookies, my favorites!
Cookies, my favorites – with carrots, seeds and stuff