.. where Ikea gets a new phone!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

did i tell u last time about being really busy? i’m afraid it has not gotten any less busy at all..! but also, i have a good news – i have a new thing called phone (unfortunately, no “f”-s). but it is not for calling. i mean, u can call as well, but we, giraffes, are not so much into calling. we like to get together more often or, sometimes, twitter, hehe! but, u know, i was told u can make really nice fotografs with this phone (i must admit, i have not tried just yet). and what’s even more promising – i can now check what my friends all around the world are doing at the moment!! u know, sometimes i am right in the middle of things without a computer, so this phone thing will come in handy, i think! because, it seems like it’s more like a really small computer!

u see, i can even check out my blog (or update!) so, please leave lots of comments i can answer right away, jei!
also, what is even more fun, i can now play my favorite apple-eating game – Giraffe Above – anywhere i go!! that’s GR8 thing! check out this fotograf:

here i’m showing Undu and Vassu how to play the game on this phone! they got very exited, i can tell u. because, Angel never lets them play with the big computer u know. so they have very little experience in any fun Giraffe games. especially the ones including apples! not any longer, i can tell u that! but hey, i gotta run now! in fact i have to go and learn now how this fotografing thing works! so, have fun and cu l8r!!!

ps. my friend A Vermont Moose has really fun new blog posts (fotografs) – go check it out!

.. where Ikea is playing yatzy with Saab och Volvo

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i have had few questions about friends who are living together with me. so, i did a little research and here are the results: first, i guess you have already heard about Angel, the ice-bear. he usually sits on telly or hides in the bamboo basket, if u ask me. then, just recently a new friend, Undu moved in also. he’s very funny with his sheep coat. since about a year ago, we also have a girl in our house, named Leenu. apparently she’s not been on this blog yet. hmm… that’s probably because she’s really quiet! then i have also another friend called Vassu – he’s a calf. in fact, i may need to blog about him some other time in more detail, he’s actually quite funny. and then of course, there are Saab and Volvo. they are Teddy-bears. they are actually from Jonköping, Sweden, like me, so i guess they were actually the first roommates.

so, with a lot of fun outside in the snow recently, yesterday me and Saab and Volvo decided to do something fun in the house – to play yatzy. i think Saab and Volvo are playing yatzy and other games quite often with Leenu, but i have been really busy recently with my fotografs.

so, here we are, throwing dice. and if u are asking who won, then we don’t know for sure..! because in the middle of the game, when it was my turn and i was counting dice, Saab quickly ate the paper where we had been marking the scores! he wasn’t doing so well i’m afraid, that’s why. so, i think Volvo actually won because every time he had all sixes, as u can see here:

that’s really quite mysterious, i have to say. have u had anything like this while playing yatzy? let me know in comments and cu l8r!