.. where Ikea and Tik go to Vihula Manor

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! just two weeks ago it was snow all over the place – as u can see! Usually, even in Estland, by this time it is all gone. So, quite fun in fact!

However, it was a really-really secret event there, in Vihula Manor, so I can’t tell u much about it, i’m afraid. And I can tell u it was NOT related to the fact that Tik is a Moon-Rabbit. Or to the fact it was all covered in snow so we could not take more fotografs. Or maybe it is.. hehe, u can never be quite sure about things if a giraffe and a Moon-Rabbit get involved, can u?

Have u been to Vihula? Or to the Moon? let me know in comments! have fun and cu l8r!


.. where Ikea discovers mysterious ski tracks

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! on Sunday, i went out to do my regular sunbathing-and-sitting on a bench routine. (a routine is something u do lots of times, although it may not be as much fun as the first time – Leenu explained). So, apparently this is something i do sometimes, when i have free time – i go sitting on a bench and sunbathe. i have now done it twice, so i can officially declare it is a routine. (declare is when u say something with a very important face – Leenu.) giraffes are generally known for their important faces, so i guess i can pretty much declare anything, it seems to me. so, there i was sunbathing:

and it went all really well, because the sun was also out occasionally. few times i have also been sunbathing with no sun outside – not so much fun. unless of course u have a camera and u can take fotografs.
but that’s not what i wanted to talk about. in fact, when i was on my way back, i discovered this:

SKI TRACKS! in the middle of a field, really. no official ski tracks in the area, for that i am sure. because there are only few places you can ski in my Kadriorg neighborhood. i have to say, these ski tracks were really really mysterious. do you know why? because there was nobody skiing!!! only few people walking, but without skis, i can tell u that. it’s really puzzling for me right now, so if u happen to have some ideas, please let me know in comments!!
oh, but the good news is that when i was trying to figure out this thing with the mysterious ski tracks, i discovered a shadow, hehe! jei! have fun and cu l8r!