.. where Ikea goes to Egypt!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

ooh, did anyone mention that i have been busy lately? well, guess what! the good news is that besides being busy, i have also been travelling, jei! This time Egypt! Although, i must say it was mostly just hanging around in a Hotel, but that’s ok too. For a giraffe! and i took some fotografs!!
So, lets start from the beginning. Good news number 1: the pool.


we, giraffes are very much into pools. we don’t like swimming a lot, as you might know, but still, pools are gr8, if u ask me! Especially the ones which have a giant Frog sitting inside. High five, frog!
Second good news about the hotel was this – guess what – they had statue of a giraffe in the driveway!!


This is like best news ever from a hotel in Egypt! And they even don’t have many giraffes in Egypt. Only zoos maybe..? But they have camels, i can tell u that much, hehe!
Good news #3: really loooooooong bridges, like a looooooooong giraffe’s neck. But u cannot walk on a neck, i’m afraid. Or sit on it, for that matter.


Good news number FOUR: The Sunshine! So here’s me, sunbathing, jei:


Always gr8 to travel to a place with lots of sun. Especially in the wintertime – not as much sun here in Estland in the winter, i’m afraid. Also a bit colder, it seems! Like minus 22 last night, hehe!

Also, quite fun: hotel at night! See if u can spot the giraffe (it’s me) in this fotograf:


ok, it was not that difficult. Still quite nice, don’t u think?

So lots of sunshine and other fun things in Egypt! I took lots of more fotografs but my friend Sipsik asked not to put all of them in my blog. It may be because they are mostly about me and this giraffe statue, hehe :)

Unfortunately had no chance to go geocaching this time, but maybe next time? But I have to say also that only 7 caches in this area, Sharm el sheikh! Have u been there? Let me know in comments! Until then, have fun and cu l8r!

Oh and also, meet my new friend, Mr. Duck – sunbathing, hehe!


.. where something very sweet happens!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! like my friend Otter says: Best Thing Ever happened! Well, definitely in top 5, if you ask me! The other four being: acacia leaves, the invention of sunbathing, discovery of ice cream and the arrival of Olafs! And now – i got this message on my FB page:

Dear Ikea,
I´m Charlie and I look just like you. I am so happy that I found you.


For a long time I´ve been looking for someone of our kind and was quite desperate – perhaps that I am the only one in the big wide world. But now I´ve found you.

I send a foto of me and think we could be twins. I live in Germany and hope we can be friends.

It´s great that you can travel so much around our Planet. I will travel to Egypt in August.


I hope you are well
Your Charlie

This is the best message ever!! Here’s me looking at the fotograf that Charlie has taken of himself (below). And u have to believe me, it is not me, it’s Charlie (also giraffe)!! It may be that we ARE in fact twins! Because, u know, although I am from Sweden, my family is from Holland and Germany is quite near there! Next door even, maybe – so it’s possible u know..

WOHOO! WOHOO! WOHOO!! JEI JEI! JEI!! Giraffes in my looft!!

.. where Ikea gets Jette a Giraffe cake

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

best news ever! my friend Jette Marii had 1 years birthday, jei! Therefore me and my friends Heidi (and Marju  maybe?) at kondiiter.ee made a gr8 fun giraffe cake for her!! It looks (looked – sorry, Teddies ate the last bits in no time when we were not looking..) very nice, don’t you think? and it tasted even better in fact! Don’t worry, it was not real giraffe, only cake. I think it was like a cheesecake, but better, with marzipan (!!) and also berries – my favorites! I can secretly tell u that i am still enjoying the taste right now!

It seems to me a really really good idea to have a birthday right at the start of the new year. So that new year starts with cake, for example! In fact, i need to go now and see if who’s birthday is coming next, hehe! Do you have a birthday coming, for example? Let me know!? Have fun and cu l8r!!