.. where Ikea tries out photocopying :D

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

hehe, guess what! i followed the advice of my good friend @mooseherd and tried out this new thing called photocopying! i kind of liked the idea from the very beginning, because it starts with an “F”. kind of, don’t you think? so, because of the fun fotografs that Mooseherd had done, it definitely looked like a fun thing to do. The only problem, that we, giraffes have generally is that we *don’t* have many photocopiers. and, when u think about trying to have some fun fotocopying done, it can be a problem…
so, we had our eyes open for a few weeks in fact and finally we found one!! i can’t tell u where it was, i’m afraid, but it is in a secret location!! wohoo, i like secrets a lot, u know! so, me and Undu went to try this out. (I must say that Undu was – as i found out later – doing a little bit sheeping in the process, but luckily no-one found out. Until later of course, when I found out, but we agreed that we’ll keep it a secret as well, because it was in this very same secret location). so, we agreed that Undu will keep watch and I will try to work with the photocopier. It was gr8 success! i will only post this one fotograf, but i can tell u right now that there were more, hehe! but they will not be published. at least not for now anyways, hehe! – this is as much as i am allowed to tell u right now.. so, better get going, before i tell u too much.. have fun and cu l8r!!
ps. have you tried photocopying yourself? let me know in comments, jei!

.. where Ikea finds a sunflower!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
guess what? i found a very nice large flower!! apparently, it’s a Sunflower!! Sunflowers are my favorites (from now on). Look how big:

it seems to me that there are mainly two reasons why i like sunflowers:
1. they are big (especially tall, like giraffes)
2. they are yellow (almost orange, my favorite colour)

also, they look like very fun flowers, don’t you think? what’s your favorite flowers? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!