.. where Ikea Meets the Flood in Tartu

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea
guess where I have been? in Tartu! the second largest town in Estland, the capital of South-Estonia. In fact, I was there for a while, but now I am back here in Kadriorg. But let me tell u what I found out. First, there was The Flood! Have u seen any floods lately? It looks pretty much like this:


But this is not all, i’m afraid. Often, there is also quite a bit of wind which blows you into the water. Lots of it, as u can see. So yes, i got a little bit wet, i’m afraid. And sick too, if u ask me. I was covered with orange spots for the whole week!!

The good news is that it was all a few weeks ago and now much of the water – actually the largest river in Tartu, Emajõgi – has now stepped down a little, so you can sit on the benches. And, the good news is also that it did not take any houses with it, luckily. (except this one very large tree-trunk where a large family of rats lived – they were relocated to the suburbs outside the city, thanks to the flooding, apparently)

Also, my friend Lotte tells me that it is perfectly normal for rivers to flood in the spring. I am still little not sure about that, because it seems more like a mystery, don’t you think? But here’s my plan – I will check it out next spring and let you know! So, until then I have a question – have u seen any floods lately? Have fun and cu l8r!


.. where Ikea is watching badminton

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! Last weekend i discovered a totally new sport – badminton! The name sounds a bit like a chewing gum of some sorts, but it’s actually quite fun! It’s played with rackets and it looks almost like tennis. Or volleyball.. So, i went to check out my friends playing badminton at Firmasport games. It’s sort of like Olympics, but for my friends. In fact, the tournament was called Golden Ball and there were many other ball games too, it seems. And we got to travel to Tartu, which was gr8!

As it turns out, badminton is lots of fun, especially to watch! My favorite teams were Eesti Post and Swedbank, if u ask me. Why? Because their orange costumes – my favorite color, jei! So, here are a few fotografs of people playing. See if u can spot me on all fotografs, hehe! Have u ever played badminton? what do u think? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea finds a dinosaur in Tartu

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess where I was last weekend!? in Haanja, watching Haanja 100 running event Jala100, which is 100 kilometers of running/walking as fast as u can. this is a lot of kilometers, even in giraffe terms!! unluckily, i could not take any fotografs as the battery went a bit dead. well, nothing serious, just empty, apparently.

so, let me introduce you my new friend – a dinosaur from Tartu:

He is made out of wood, so he does not talk. but you can sit on him, hehe! he’s really nice and his name is Bota. Yes, it is a fotograf from few weeks ago when i met him in his neighborhood. but i can’t tell u exactly where it is. it’s for two reasons: 1. it is a secret! and 2. when too many people come to his area, he may soon be extinct. Extinct means that there will be no dinosaurs. and that would really be a shame!!

so, i gotta go and load the battery now, but here’s a question of the week for u: have u ever run 100km race or seen a dinosaur? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!