.. where Ikea talks how he met Sipsik

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Many times people and other friends have asked me about where I am from and how I got my name, Ikea. So, let me tell you!

As much as can remember the first time i saw Sipsik in Göteborg, in this small bookstore that i was staying at the time. In fact, i don’t know how i got to the bookstore myself, and this is pretty much the first thing i remember about myself, being in the bookstore. I have to tell u that there were not many animals in the bookstore, besides me, a giraffe. Only books. And then, of course, the visitors. Like for exempel one older lady with blonde hair that came every day to fika and read a book or two in the store. Mostly detective stories, i think. And then i also remember one girl who usually came with 4-5 friends. She didn’t buy anything, but she came almost every day to look at me, a giraffe! It was Sipsik.

One day one of her friends came to the store without Sipsik and told me that she was going to take me to a new home. The only condition – i had to go into a paper bag and stay there until right time. I was not quite sure where we were going, but i soon found out – suddenly someone was opening the bag and there was: Sipsik! It was her birthday and I was the present, hehe! Very nice to be a present for someone who likes giraffes a lot!

But i was not the only present. There were other friends who brought presents. Especially it was fun for everybody to find out that two people had brought teddy-bears to Sipsik without knowing that the other person had the exact same Teddy! And they DID look alike, i can tell u! Here’s me, Sipsik, the teddies and friends:

So, it was all gr8 fun! But now there was a problem, how to call the teddies. Because, u know, u can’t call one teddy-bear teddy-bear without the other teddy-bear also noticing. So, it was decided at the party to rename teddies and me. I don’t know how it was exactly decided, because u know, it was decided in a secret teddy-bear-and-a-giraffe-naming-meeting, but i know the names had to be local. So as we were in Sweden, it just so happens that i got to be Ikea. As u may know, it is also a store, where u can buy cupboards and stuff. And the teddies, they got the names of Swedish cars – Saab och Volvo!

so now u know! how did u get your name? have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is geocaching in Stockholm

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

as u know, i was travelling to Stockholm a little while ago. Now, let me post some fotografs about what i saw while there, geocaching. for exempel, here’s me on a cliff with a cache that i found!

also, we left a travel bug inside that we had brought along from Estland. i have to say, giraffes are not particularly good at climbing caches, but this one was quite OK. for giraffes :)
Here’s another place that has a cache nearby. it is Stockholm’s Cruise terminal, in fact!

This little boat is not a cruise ship, i’m afraid. instead, you can take this boat to downtown or some islands. Well, we did not take this boat, because there were more caches to be found elsewhere, hehe! Like, for example here, near this guy with a horse:

A King in fact. Quite a few caches on this island, but i’m not going to tell u where exactly. U need to go and find out yourself, hehe! hmm, Leenu tells me to leave some tips.. OK, here’s one: the cache is not-too-far-from here:

but it is not inside the flower. Instead, there’s smell inside. Quite nice smell too, if u ask me!
Found another guy with horses on a house, while resting for a bit:

but apparently, there is this Park called Skansen just left of here. I did not have time to go inside, but i heard it is like a Zoo, among other things. I like Zoos alot, so maybe i need to come back here next time. But i did some walking around the wall of this park and i found this cool tree:

It’s quite near the park entrance, where they sell tickets. I tried to find out how much it is for Giraffes, but there was no information about that. So maybe it is for free? But, like i said, i did not have time, and also, i did not have any Kronor, should it not have been free for Giraffes, like me. So instead we tried to find a cache nearby this tree (we did) and we also met a fellow local geocacher! greetings!

and, it was almost time to go back. I did find another park with lots and lots of flowers (below) and a huge fountain with geese figures (above). Yes, I did have some time for sunbathe – if you wanted to ask. It was very very nice sunny weather in Stockholm. In fact, every time i have been to Stockholm, it is sunny there.. Maybe mr Sun lives in the area?
Well, i will go and ask my friends Leenu and Lotte about this, they seem to know these things. Until then, u can let me know what you think? Also, have u been to Stockholm and/or geocaching there? What is your favorite spot? Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea finds Jerry and Ben in Stockholm

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea här!

guess what! i have been looking for the Internet the whole time. (Except of course also playing hide-and-seek, packing and other things.) But, I couldn’t find it. I mean, not in Stockholm. And not for free. And I have to tell u that the Internet on the boat is *very* sloooooooww.. So, it is not much fun, if u ask me!
But, as I was looking for the Internet – something good also happened! I found this Mr Jerry and Mr Ben, jei!

Right in the middle of Stockholm, Sverige! As u might think, we, giraffes are very much into ice-cream. So i tried out some flavors we don’t have in Estland. For exampel i tried Cherry Garcia with Oh My Apple Pie and a large wafer and it tasted gr8! So much fun eating B&J and sunbathing – my favorite! I have taken a bad fotograf with my phone – it’s true – see below! I tried to take a cone with seven scoops, but unfortunately we did not have enough Kronor for that. Maybe i will go back next week and try the other ones.. I will now go back and see if my friend Sipsik made any good fotografs for me to share with you next time. Until then – have fun, let me know if u have been finding B&J recently and cu l8r!