.. where Ikea is driving a new tractor

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i tried out driving a tractor, hehe! it’s fun! have u been driving a tractor? i have now. and it is gr8 fun. especially when the tractor is green and has a deer on it!!

of course, i took some fotografs as well. AND i have to tell u that i used a little help. because tractors are not designed for giraffes, it is really hard to push all the pedals at once. like for example turn the wheel and brake at the same time!

but i guess turning the wheel is the most important thing. so, unless you want to stop, u don’t need to press the brakes at all. I did not want to stop, if u ask me!

the second most important thing is to switch gears. of course, if you want to go faster! I did!

but, since you have to *again* press some pedals, then what i did is to put in the fast gear all at once. you can do that with a tractor. it does not work on a car, i’m afraid..

another cool thing about this tractor besides being green and going really really fast is that you can take a friend with you on a ride. i took a picture where this friend needs to sit and how to wear a seatbelt. u need to have the seatbelt, if you want to go really really fast (like i did), hehe!

also, just after i had come back from driving the tractor, my friend Angel (who is good at these technology things) told me that u can also use the tractor with all kinds of machinery and not just for driving really fast! gr8 news! so, maybe i should go and try that now..

until then, let me know what’s your experience with tractors? have fun and cu l8r!

Ikea stuck in a car

Hello, this is Angel, Ice-bear.

just a quick note that Ikea is not here today. The odds are that he is either stuck in a car or playing hide-and-seek. Also, it is quite possible that he is packing a bag to go on a trip! (Oh, it was supposed to be a secret, Teddies are telling) oh well. The thing is, that i could not find any cool pictures of me NOR ice nor even anything from Ikea. So instead, I am reposting this funny-looking guy from Latvia – Edgars. Hedgehog, as a matter of fact. Don’t you just smile when you look at him? A fun little fellow, eats apples and all.

Ok, need to go and see if there’s any B&J left. Until then, bye bye!

.. where Ikea and Angel eat best thing ever…

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

hehe, well not the VERY BEST thing to eat (which is acacia leaves) but one of my favorite things to eat – ice-cream!! This time we found these very nice little cups of B&J! Yes, it’s Ben and Jerry’s! I found one with Apple Pie and it tastes gr8! It seems to me that it will probably take 3rd or maybe 4th place in my B&J top ten list. #1 right now is Strawberry Cheesecake. Giraffes like strawberries a lot, u know!

Angel had Cookie Dough. It’s with cookies, if u didn’t know. Well, actually not real cookies, just the thing that cookies are made of. It’s probably OK, too, but Angel liked it simply because it is mostly white. Like ice.. but u can guess what Angel likes best. No, it’s not Phish food… YES, Baked Alaska, hehe! I like B&J ice-creams a lot, u know. Because of the fun names!!

What’s your favorite Ben and Jerry’s? Let me know in comments! Have fun and cu l8r!