.. where Ikea tries out photocopying :D

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

hehe, guess what! i followed the advice of my good friend @mooseherd and tried out this new thing called photocopying! i kind of liked the idea from the very beginning, because it starts with an “F”. kind of, don’t you think? so, because of the fun fotografs that Mooseherd had done, it definitely looked like a fun thing to do. The only problem, that we, giraffes have generally is that we *don’t* have many photocopiers. and, when u think about trying to have some fun fotocopying done, it can be a problem…
so, we had our eyes open for a few weeks in fact and finally we found one!! i can’t tell u where it was, i’m afraid, but it is in a secret location!! wohoo, i like secrets a lot, u know! so, me and Undu went to try this out. (I must say that Undu was – as i found out later – doing a little bit sheeping in the process, but luckily no-one found out. Until later of course, when I found out, but we agreed that we’ll keep it a secret as well, because it was in this very same secret location). so, we agreed that Undu will keep watch and I will try to work with the photocopier. It was gr8 success! i will only post this one fotograf, but i can tell u right now that there were more, hehe! but they will not be published. at least not for now anyways, hehe! – this is as much as i am allowed to tell u right now.. so, better get going, before i tell u too much.. have fun and cu l8r!!
ps. have you tried photocopying yourself? let me know in comments, jei!

.. where Ikea and Undu discuss the importance of miniature cows and drink lemonade

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

few days ago me and Undu discussed the important matter of miniature cows. If u didn’t know yet – then Undu has one in his sheep-coat pocket, somehow. Apparently, he likes cows a lot. So we took some time to discuss how miniature cows have changed his views on things in general and what he is planning to do when the snow comes down. He says he would like to become a snowballfighter, but shh.. it’s a bit secret for now! And we tried this new thing called lemonade from my friend, Limpa.

I can tell u right now that Limpa is a pig, who makes lemonade. He has different kind, but this one in black and yellow cans is one of my favorites. You know why – because it is in a can! i don’t like the lemonades in the bottles, because they are a bit too tall for drinking. YES – even for me, a giraffe! Very hard to drink from, in fact. So instead i like my lemonade canned. And cold – from refrigerator. Refrigerator is something that is used for keeping lemonades cold, most of the time. And ice-cream, of course too! Except this one time when Angel was fiddling with the computer (again!) and electricity went away and all lemonade was warm and ice-cream melted and Teddies were happy because they could eat (drink) ice-cream that time (because they can’t eat cold stuff because they get sore throats that way). But that’s really only once and later we learned it was not Angels fault, it was the men working outside on the street.
These are the kind of stories that we were talking about with Undu – when talking about the importance of these miniature cows, small pockets and drinking lemonade. What kind of stories come to your mind when drinking lemonade? Let me know! Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea gets stuck in snowstorm

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

well i have to tell u what happened last weekend! it all started with spring outside and Undu saying that he is going for a walk outside. It’s nothing unusual because with all this sunshine and spring-looking weather, I was pretty sure he will go sheeping. Which is lots of fun for the likes of Undu, as i understand. in fact, we had been observing the weather from the window for some time now, so we had reliable data that it is all very nice. after many hours however, Angel suggested someone should go and check where Undu is. Because after all, he is from countryside and we live more close to the city area. So, I went to discover that Undu…

… stuck in snow!! luckily, he had his sheep costume! it is really really mysterious where this snowstorm came from with all this sunshine and spring outside! very mysterious…
this however was only just beginning, because right after i had found Undu, i got very much stuck in snow myself!

with a little fight i managed to get into a bit of shade under an edge of snow. not much help, i’m afraid..

but i must say that if we factor out the wind, snowstorms are generally lots of fun. because of the snow, u know! i managed to take fotograf of me where there is just the snow part of the snowstorm and no wind, check it out:

it’s all good fun! well, right until it starts melting, hehe! but, back to the story; so, now we were stuck in snowstorm, both Undu and me! luckily, within few minutes of being stuck it just so happened that my friend Sipsik came by! very good timing, i must say. so, we were rescued from being stuck in snowstorm and taken on a ride on a pram, hehe! i have made a fotograf also below. pram-riding is very much fun, i can tell u that! i think i will need to write about pram riding more in detail, when we get a chance to do it more properly. that is, not being wet at the same time!! so, i will now go and ask my friend Sipsik about scheduling one of these rides. but u – let me know about your fun happenings and if u have been stuck in snow recently? have fun and cu l8r!