.. where Ikea talks how he met Sipsik

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Many times people and other friends have asked me about where I am from and how I got my name, Ikea. So, let me tell you!

As much as can remember the first time i saw Sipsik in Göteborg, in this small bookstore that i was staying at the time. In fact, i don’t know how i got to the bookstore myself, and this is pretty much the first thing i remember about myself, being in the bookstore. I have to tell u that there were not many animals in the bookstore, besides me, a giraffe. Only books. And then, of course, the visitors. Like for exempel one older lady with blonde hair that came every day to fika and read a book or two in the store. Mostly detective stories, i think. And then i also remember one girl who usually came with 4-5 friends. She didn’t buy anything, but she came almost every day to look at me, a giraffe! It was Sipsik.

One day one of her friends came to the store without Sipsik and told me that she was going to take me to a new home. The only condition – i had to go into a paper bag and stay there until right time. I was not quite sure where we were going, but i soon found out – suddenly someone was opening the bag and there was: Sipsik! It was her birthday and I was the present, hehe! Very nice to be a present for someone who likes giraffes a lot!

But i was not the only present. There were other friends who brought presents. Especially it was fun for everybody to find out that two people had brought teddy-bears to Sipsik without knowing that the other person had the exact same Teddy! And they DID look alike, i can tell u! Here’s me, Sipsik, the teddies and friends:

So, it was all gr8 fun! But now there was a problem, how to call the teddies. Because, u know, u can’t call one teddy-bear teddy-bear without the other teddy-bear also noticing. So, it was decided at the party to rename teddies and me. I don’t know how it was exactly decided, because u know, it was decided in a secret teddy-bear-and-a-giraffe-naming-meeting, but i know the names had to be local. So as we were in Sweden, it just so happens that i got to be Ikea. As u may know, it is also a store, where u can buy cupboards and stuff. And the teddies, they got the names of Swedish cars – Saab och Volvo!

so now u know! how did u get your name? have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea travels to Viru raba (bog)

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

apparently, it has been more than 2 years since i have been to bogs! so, me and my friend Sipsik decided to end this run of 24-months-without-bogs series once and for all! because, u know, bogs are quite nice in this neck of woods! Estland, that is.

so, we went to this bog called Viru raba (Viru bog). Not sure about this name Viru, but many places east of Kadriorg seem to have this name. My friend Lotte says that it is probably to do with Finns, but i couldn’t tell. And also, the Finns live more towards North, not to East of here. So it is a bit of a mystery in fact..

but the bog is quite nice. and – which we, giraffes like best about these nice bogs – they have boardwalks!! because u know, it is quite hard to walk in a bog (or run!) if u are a giraffe. much easier, if you are a crocodile, if u ask me, hehe! so, boardwalks are gr8! and they are quite loooong too, as u can see!

The boardwalks usually take you to some place. For example, in Viru bog, they take you to the lakes and a tower. Here’s a not-so-gr8 photograph of me and lakes – from the tower:

These towers are quite nice, but only 5 people can go up at a time. Not a word about giraffes, so you can bring lots, i think..
I like this boardwalk in Viru raba especially because it even goes past the tower! so, u can go to the lakes, and make a circle back to where u started that way. Unless of course u get hungrig.. Which can also happen, if u walk with small steps, like me. Luckily we had prepared for this and brought along some cake, jei!

(also, i can secretly tell u that we also found lots and lots of blueberries – but don’t tell anyone, i plan going back there with a jar! Especially don’t tell the Teddies, because they are quite mad about blueberries. For example, last Tuesday they ate a book, which had blueberries on it’s cover!!) Strawberry cake in fact. I think it was probably the best strawberry cake i have ever tried in a bog. I have to put it on my top 100 best cakes to eat list, probably. Which reminds me that i have not updated the list for a while. Maybe i will try to cook something for next week..

Well, i will go and have a think about that. Until then, thanks for stopping, have fun and cu l8r! and if you can recommend any other bogs to visit, please let me know!

.. where Ikea gets new sneakers and goes wild strawberry hunting!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what happened! apparently my good friends read about how much we – giraffes, like me – like running on this blog. and they made me a present – sneakers!! and the gr8 thing is – they are orange, my favorite colour! jei jei jei!

and i can secretly tell u that i did not even have a birthday or any other day, really! so, a gr8 surprise for me! i like surprises a lot!! so, now i can do running properly. u know, when it is raining and so – it is not very comfortable to run without sneakers, i’m afraid.

to test out the sneakers, i did not go running however :) instead, i went for wild strawberry hunting, hehe!

as u know, i like wild strawberries a lot, after last year we went WSBH with the Teddies. but this time i just went on my own, for three reasons: 1. i had sneakers 2. teddies were not around and 3. wild strawberries were not too far. quite near in fact, just in front of the house, hehe! so, i was pretty sure that my hunting trip will be successful and therefore it was gr8 for testing out the new sneakers. and the strawberries were just really gooooood too!

so, now i will go back to eat some more. with milk!! what about you? have you gone strawberry-hunting already this year? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!