.. where Ikea eats buns for Pancake Day!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!


you may have heard, but it was the Pancake Day two weeks ago. I know! but i had to tell u about the Parade last week so i totally forgot about the Pancake Day, i’m afraid.. but the thing is, that in Estland, we don’t eat the pancakes as much. Instead, we have BUNS! well, i guess you already found that out last year..!

so, this year we were REALLY really exited when me and my friend Sipsik learned about Pancake-day-buns that my friend Heidi was going to bake! so we ordered some in advance. and guess what! they were really really good, actually. I especially liked the ones with berries inside. in fact, i liked the buns so much that i did not get a decent fotograf. but i have one, which is okay. but here’s only three buns left, so it must be afternoon already. so that’s probably why i look a bit tired..
also, i have to say i can’t tell you where they would be on my top 100 best things to eat list. because, u know, before i could think about that, the Teddies had eaten them all. So i guess now i need to wait for another year to  tell u exact spot. but fear not, they will be on the list, jei!

but what about you? did you bake pancakes this year? or did you go for the buns? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea mees a guest from America

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i met a famous person (or should i say mouse?) couple of weeks ago. His name is Mickey Mouse and he’s from America. United States of America in fact. Like for example me, I’m from Netherlands. Or Sweden even. But right now i live in Kadriorg! This is kind of what happened to Mickey as well. He lives in Finland, most of the time, but sometimes visits Estonia as well. He is quite funny, he can do Moonwalk for example! It’s real fun, like going backwards!! So here i took a fotograf of me with Mickey. We are discussing my idea of Top 100 things to eat, but he was not much into acacia, hehe! I’m not surprised, actually!
In fact, i need to go and work on this list right now! so, let me know if there is anything you viagra like to ask Mickey when he comes around next time – in comments! Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where snow finally arrives and Ikea goes sledging

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! it’s a new year, 2012!! i’m sure this year will be even more fun than the previous ones. because, u know, finally the snow is here, in Kadriorg!! and this happened quite mysteriously, i might add, because it was suddenly all white just on Saturday morning – just like that! and i KNOW, this time the snow machines did not work..

so, once the snow was here, i was eager to test the new sledge that had mysteriously arrived in our home just around Christmas time. and i know it was not for me*, because we, giraffes don’t do sledging very much. well, until now that is!! because, apparently, sledging is lots of fun!!
so, here’s me checking out the seat belts and other things..

..before heading out in the WILD WILD SNOW, jei..!!!

apparently, there was more snow that had not arrived during the night. Instead, it was snowing on me while sledging, hehe. i could almost not see anything AT ALL!

luckily, i had help driving this new sledge, so it was OK. we did make a big round in Kadriorg, but i don’t have more fotografs, because we were little bit afraid of this wild snow getting into the camera – because it very much tried, i can tell u! so, needless to say, sledging is lots of fun, probably will be ranked quite high on my 100 most fun ideas to do (for a giraffe) list, once i have time to put it together. but it COULD take some time, because i am very busy, especially now that all this gr8 snow is here, jei! in fact, i have to go to a secret place right now. so, until then, let me know if you have already had snow and if u have been sledging or doing any other fun things with it! Have fun and cu l8r!

* disclaimer – this sledge is actually my friend’s, Pipi’s. But she is not using it ALL the time, so me Pipi and Sipsik made a deal that (reads): “Other people (or animals – very important!) can also use the sledge – for sledging purposes only – when Pipi, or Sipsik (or their friends) are not using it at the moment.” so, it means that even my friend Angel could use it. But he’s not much into exercising, so we’ll see..