.. where Ikea gets stuck in snowstorm

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

well i have to tell u what happened last weekend! it all started with spring outside and Undu saying that he is going for a walk outside. It’s nothing unusual because with all this sunshine and spring-looking weather, I was pretty sure he will go sheeping. Which is lots of fun for the likes of Undu, as i understand. in fact, we had been observing the weather from the window for some time now, so we had reliable data that it is all very nice. after many hours however, Angel suggested someone should go and check where Undu is. Because after all, he is from countryside and we live more close to the city area. So, I went to discover that Undu…

… stuck in snow!! luckily, he had his sheep costume! it is really really mysterious where this snowstorm came from with all this sunshine and spring outside! very mysterious…
this however was only just beginning, because right after i had found Undu, i got very much stuck in snow myself!

with a little fight i managed to get into a bit of shade under an edge of snow. not much help, i’m afraid..

but i must say that if we factor out the wind, snowstorms are generally lots of fun. because of the snow, u know! i managed to take fotograf of me where there is just the snow part of the snowstorm and no wind, check it out:

it’s all good fun! well, right until it starts melting, hehe! but, back to the story; so, now we were stuck in snowstorm, both Undu and me! luckily, within few minutes of being stuck it just so happened that my friend Sipsik came by! very good timing, i must say. so, we were rescued from being stuck in snowstorm and taken on a ride on a pram, hehe! i have made a fotograf also below. pram-riding is very much fun, i can tell u that! i think i will need to write about pram riding more in detail, when we get a chance to do it more properly. that is, not being wet at the same time!! so, i will now go and ask my friend Sipsik about scheduling one of these rides. but u – let me know about your fun happenings and if u have been stuck in snow recently? have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea solves a mystery!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i don’t know if u have noticed, but quite often when im about to go and do something fun, Undu has dissappeared somewhere? so, i decided to put a “tail” on him – me! (although, in fact he already has a tail, like all wolves – so in case it is confusing, i tried to observe him very closely).

i must say, Undu really was not all that suspicious most of the morning, u know. he went about his usual chores of drinking milk, looking at the cow, cleaning out his pocket and sharpening claws. although i must say, he did sharpening claws twice! so, when i think about it now, it does seem a bit more suspicious than usual.. and then of course, it was quite obvious when he did not join me, teddies and Angel in playing yatzy! so, still playing, i kept a close watch on him from the corner of my eye! – i have quite big eyes, u know, i can keep an eye on lots of things! and, sure enough, suddenly Undu had sneaked out of the door! i excused myself and started to follow!

luckily undu did not go very fast. probably because of two things – he had now his sheep hat on (!!!) and also it was very very very hot! but it was good pace actually for sneaking (one of my favorite things to do also). we did not go to far really, and by the time we got there i had already solved the mystery – Undu was about to go SHEEPING! and he did! here’s a fotograf for you to see also (note the sheep on the background):

mystery solved! u must be curious to find out what ‘sheeping’ is? it is quite simple, really. it is when you go and mingle into a flock of sheep, dressed as a sheep, so that they don’t find out you are not a sheep! it’s actually one of Undu’s favorite things to do, as i found out! but he never takes friends – and it’s quite obvious why – we don’t have the sheep costumes!

but, it does seem a lot like a fun thing to do. maybe i will try to get a sheep costume for myself from somewhere? perhaps my friend Shaun can help – i will try to find out. Until then – let me know what fun’s been happening in your flock of sheep, hehe! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes wild-strawberry-hunting with Saab och Volvo

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Apparently, there is this other thing better than strawberries – you’re right – wild strawberries! so, with a little planning, we successfully excecuted this idea from couple of weeks back. unfortunately Undu wasn’t there because we could not find him as we set out for the expedition. actually, nobody knows where he was during that time. although i think he was sheeping…

so then, it was up to me and teddies. we set out to explore the wilderness with Volvo in charge:

as i turns out, they have a pretty good nose for wild strawberries! also i found out that wild strawberries are teddies’ number three favorite berries. number two being cowberries and number one – blueberries! well, that’s quite obvious really, just look at their face, hehe. but i have to say, Volvo and Saab eat pretty much everything. like paper for example!
in fact, even on our way i already spotted some, like here for example:

so, before the teddies could find out, i quickly grabbed..

.. and wohoo, it tasted well! :)

so, in no time we managed to hunt down a great spot of wild stawberries! in the fotograf u can see everyone concentrating on this little game we invented in the process. it is called “fun foraging” and it’s very simple – to find and eat as much berries as possible in least amount of time. it is great fun, quite recommended! here’s some fotografs of teddies playing:

->> Volvo jostling his way to the catch..

->> Saab about 1 second before the little red treats are no more.. (u can see Volvo just behind him in the grass!)

->> Volvo now posing for the camera. just for a second really!

->> and here’s everybody sunbathing, totally loaded with strawberries i’m afraid!

it was in fact quite hard to move after such intense and fun game that we had. i think i even stretched my neck a little (it’s ok by now). apparently, Volvo won the game. we agreed with the teddies to have a followup for the hunt soon too. they suggested to go for the blueberries this time and i agreed. im not such great fan of blueberries myself, but i think it will be fun to see Volvo and Saab playing fun foraging again, hehe! what about you, have u played fun foraging? perhaps you have a different name for it – let me know! have fun and cu l8r!