.. where Ikea goes to Egypt!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

ooh, did anyone mention that i have been busy lately? well, guess what! the good news is that besides being busy, i have also been travelling, jei! This time Egypt! Although, i must say it was mostly just hanging around in a Hotel, but that’s ok too. For a giraffe! and i took some fotografs!!
So, lets start from the beginning. Good news number 1: the pool.


we, giraffes are very much into pools. we don’t like swimming a lot, as you might know, but still, pools are gr8, if u ask me! Especially the ones which have a giant Frog sitting inside. High five, frog!
Second good news about the hotel was this – guess what – they had statue of a giraffe in the driveway!!


This is like best news ever from a hotel in Egypt! And they even don’t have many giraffes in Egypt. Only zoos maybe..? But they have camels, i can tell u that much, hehe!
Good news #3: really loooooooong bridges, like a looooooooong giraffe’s neck. But u cannot walk on a neck, i’m afraid. Or sit on it, for that matter.


Good news number FOUR: The Sunshine! So here’s me, sunbathing, jei:


Always gr8 to travel to a place with lots of sun. Especially in the wintertime – not as much sun here in Estland in the winter, i’m afraid. Also a bit colder, it seems! Like minus 22 last night, hehe!

Also, quite fun: hotel at night! See if u can spot the giraffe (it’s me) in this fotograf:


ok, it was not that difficult. Still quite nice, don’t u think?

So lots of sunshine and other fun things in Egypt! I took lots of more fotografs but my friend Sipsik asked not to put all of them in my blog. It may be because they are mostly about me and this giraffe statue, hehe :)

Unfortunately had no chance to go geocaching this time, but maybe next time? But I have to say also that only 7 caches in this area, Sharm el sheikh! Have u been there? Let me know in comments! Until then, have fun and cu l8r!

Oh and also, meet my new friend, Mr. Duck – sunbathing, hehe!


.. where Ikea finds a Pig, a Duck and the Sunset on the boat

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
finally chance to upload some fotografs from my gr8 fun trip to Stockholm, jei! This is part I – few pics from the boat from Tallinn. In fact, it takes all night to go from Tallinn to Stockholm with a boat, so lots of things can happen on the trip – so it is gr8 to take your camera with you. For example, first of all, the boat leaves quite early in the evening. So, if you are lucky, like me, a giraffe, u can have the sun outside. This is really a good thing because then you can go outside on a deck for sunbathe, jei!

Sunbathing is one of my favorite things, as u might know. And it is always a gr8 thing to start off a trip with sunbathing, u know. Because then your trip is already a success and it even hasn’t really started. For exampel, i was already out on the sun deck before the boat left the port! gr8 success!
But, suddenly (i was still sunbathing at the time) i felt that someone is observing me. As it turned out, it was a Pig, peeking out of the cabin window:

hehe, a cheerful-looking pink fellow, don’t you think? :) he was, i’m afraid, a foreigner, because i could not understand a word he was saying. It sure wasn’t any of the languages that we, giraffes can speak. however, it sounded very much fun, so i could say we had a conversation. (a conversation is when two or more animals talk to each other, my friend Leenu says. It’s a lot like talking, but more interesting, but less fun). Except ours was fun too!
One thing that i did learn from mr Pig was that there could be more animals inside these cabins. So i wandered off to peek into windows. Quite soon i discovered one more foreign bird – a Duck of some kind!

We’ll, he looked like a duck to me, what do you think? Again, a foreigner with funny sounding language. It could be Chinese, even? It’s all quite mystery to me because there was no really good way to find out and my good friend Leenu who knows all these foreign words was not with me. We did have a fun conversation with additional making of funny faces, which we, giraffes are quite good at. Lot’s of fun, if you ask me, hehe!
I did not see any more animals in the windows after that, but i did see other ships. Unfortunately it was a bit too dark for my camera and those fotografs were not really good ones. And i did get a really nice fotograf of a ship on my way back!! But i will post it another time! Until then, let me know if you have been on a boat to Stockholm and if you have seen any animals on the boat? Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is travelling in Turkey

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

like i was saying, it took me a while to sort these fotografs from my trip to Turkey. (apparently, “turkey” is also a bird.. but i did not see any birds in fact. only sun and camels, jei!)
so, here’s my selection (there is a lot more, but some of them are not so gr8. like for example the ones from the waterfall that we went to check out this one time. i have to tell u, we were mostly in the Hotel, just sunbathing and eating acacia leaves. but we also did some other fun things. like for example we went to check out this old town called Side, which is about here.

as u can see, it is really quite nice. on the way there, we also went to check out this one local church:

which they tend to call a mosque instead. they are quite nice because of the thin long minarets (that’s the towers u know) which look quite like giraffe’s necks! very nice! here’s me inside the mosque. check out the fun carpet they have manufactured pretty much for giraffes, like me to sit on:

hehe! among other things we found in Side were many houses that had not been properly repaired for quite some time. for example, take a look at this wall:

it has holes everywhere! in fact, most of the rest of the house is – somewhat missing, im afraid..!

or, take a look at this giant amphitheater here:

it is quite clear why this is not working any longer – it does not have a roof. it is not so easy to go to a theater without a roof. especially movie-theatres!

but here’s to the fun part – riding a camel, jei!! this was all back at the hotel in fact.

and also – the waterpark, hehe! although i can tell u that i (a giraffe) don’t like water sports. so therefore i went to the waterpark when it was a bit closed. so i did not get wet, hehe!

so, this was my little trip to Turkey. i did take more fotografs, but they are mostly from my favorite hobby – sunbathe. so they are not so much fun. instead, let me know if u have been to Turkey and where to? Have fun and cu l8r!