.. where Ikea meets Moon Rabbit Tik

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what happened! we got a visitor from Space! i don’t know if many of you guessed right from this fotograf:

but it is Tik, a rabbit from the Moon! yes! they have also made a film about that, check it out yourself! The film is called Lotte and the Moonstone Secret – very mysterious title, if u ask me! as you can see, my friend Lotte played in that film also! I like films a lot, u know. Because they start with F, just like Fun! so, that’s how Tik ended up with us – came to visit Lotte and he now maybe staying for a bit longer.
As for myself, i have not seen the movie yet. But my friend Sipsik promised to buy a DVD some day, so it looks promising. But i also have to tell u that i know most of the things that happen in the movie, except the secret part. Here’s me, Lotte and Tik talking about the movie, the plans of travelling back to the Moon and best things to eat:

we figured out that in order to get Tik back to the Moon, we first need to see the Moon. so, this is pretty much the situation at the moment (we are waiting for the moon):

(i just ran to computer to quickly post this) also, sitting on a radiator is a really good thing to do when it is about -30*C outside – like it was last night!! yes, it is quite cold in fact. even for giraffes, like me. and i’m not going to go out with this type of weather, i’m afraid.. so, i’m not sure about this plan of getting Tik back to Moon soon. But that is OK, because we have found out that Tik is quite good at Yatzy, so that’s a good thing. We might even teach him to hide-and-seek, although i have to tell u that most of the good hiding places are very much taken..
well, i guess we will figure something out, because it will be much fun! Until then, let me know if u have met Tik already, or seen the movie? have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea checks out snow figures in Kadriorg

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

hehe, welcome back! because i was going to tell u about what i did yesterday – i went to check out the snow figures that lots of people made on Sunday. i could not go to check them out on Sunday, because i was little occupied. Occupied is like busy but also u can’t go anywhere, like me. I was doing some giraffe stuff, u know, also. but i did go instead yesterday and met many fun snow figures. no snow tigers this time, i’m afraid. instead, i find this rabbit, hehe!

apparently there is also the year of rabbits of some sort coming up i think? so i tried asking this one, but no luck. because it was a snow rabbit. even i could understand that!

but there were also some other ones. like this guy here:

i don’t know what animal it is. do you? Undu says it could be a hedgehog, but i have seen hedgehogs and they don’t have a letter N on their belly. what do u think?

this one is more interesting. it’s an interesting penguin!! in fact, it was so interesting that all the time some kids were trying to hug it. so did i! as u can see, it is quite big one. so it can’t be the madagascar penguin. because they are all very small. more in the size of me, i’d say…

u know, there were quite a few snow figures, some of them i don’t have fotografs. so, after a while i got a little bit hungrig, as u can guess. luckily, there was this nice lady:

she’s rather nice, don’t u think? i mean, to have buns for free in the middle of whole park of snow figures. very nice! although i’m not a big fan of buns, these tasted really well. probably because they were so big.

and here’s me after the bun-eating episode. i take a little bit of rest on top of this cat. i like the eyes especially!
so, that’s it for now. because i need to go and work on this one mysterious other thing. until then let me know if u have seen any snow figures lately? if not, perhaps come around and check them out yourself? they are right here, in Kadriorg. have fun and cu l8r!

Ikea is… well he’s not here

Hello folks! It’s me, Angel here. I have to tell ya that Ikea is not here at ze moment. Luckily for me, because I can play with his new phone! So I found this place for taking photos and then I also discovered this blog thing!! So, because it is Tuesday, I’ll try to post something fun myself. But seriously speaking we, ice-bears, are not so much into fun things. Except for ice! Ice is a lot of fun. Also snow. OOh, i’m so waiting for the snow to start falling. Because it is all rain and rain and rain..

But, let me tell you the only fun story that I know about giraffes:

A Rabbit, a Giraffe and an Elephant jump off of a roof of 10-story building. Rabbit jumps first and counts the floors: “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 6, 5, 6, 5” – caugth by suspenders!
Giraffe jumps next and counts: “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6… 6!” -too long neck! Elephant then jumps last and counts: “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, asphalt, mud, sand, clay, stone, oh.. hello miners!!

hehehe.. not so funny really, is it?
I know this seems a bit cruel, but it’s the kind of humor that we, Ice-bears tell each other in these cold winter nights. Oh, and we eat fish too (whilst telling).
But, to finish off with a more fun note, I add a photo of the best-looking (Ice)bear ever (that’s me). It’s not a great photo, but I already know that. Because I had to let Saab and Volvo take this. And, mind you, they are not very great photografers, really. But I hope u like it. Now, we’re going to form a search camp to start looking for Ikea. Until then, best Fishes!

ps. would also like to send greetings to Mrs Polar Bear, thanks.