.. where Ikea checks out snow figures in Kadriorg

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

hehe, welcome back! because i was going to tell u about what i did yesterday – i went to check out the snow figures that lots of people made on Sunday. i could not go to check them out on Sunday, because i was little occupied. Occupied is like busy but also u can’t go anywhere, like me. I was doing some giraffe stuff, u know, also. but i did go instead yesterday and met many fun snow figures. no snow tigers this time, i’m afraid. instead, i find this rabbit, hehe!

apparently there is also the year of rabbits of some sort coming up i think? so i tried asking this one, but no luck. because it was a snow rabbit. even i could understand that!

but there were also some other ones. like this guy here:

i don’t know what animal it is. do you? Undu says it could be a hedgehog, but i have seen hedgehogs and they don’t have a letter N on their belly. what do u think?

this one is more interesting. it’s an interesting penguin!! in fact, it was so interesting that all the time some kids were trying to hug it. so did i! as u can see, it is quite big one. so it can’t be the madagascar penguin. because they are all very small. more in the size of me, i’d say…

u know, there were quite a few snow figures, some of them i don’t have fotografs. so, after a while i got a little bit hungrig, as u can guess. luckily, there was this nice lady:

she’s rather nice, don’t u think? i mean, to have buns for free in the middle of whole park of snow figures. very nice! although i’m not a big fan of buns, these tasted really well. probably because they were so big.

and here’s me after the bun-eating episode. i take a little bit of rest on top of this cat. i like the eyes especially!
so, that’s it for now. because i need to go and work on this one mysterious other thing. until then let me know if u have seen any snow figures lately? if not, perhaps come around and check them out yourself? they are right here, in Kadriorg. have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes to Tartu Snow Town

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea! Couple of weeks ago I was visiting my friends Muzzy and Aura again in Tartu. I have been to Tartu before but this time i had to go and check the snow town they had built there. and here comes some fotografs:

i have to tell you, it was quite chilly, something like -24*C. so as you can see, not too many kids or even giraffes playing there that morning. you probably wonder why didn’t Muzzy or Aura come along with me. it’s because i was in snow town before my visit to them, which was actually a secret. i love secrets a lot, as u know.

apparently, this snow town had quite a few tubes and sliding slopes for a lot of fun for giraffes and the like. it was not so easy to understand the actual figures, because when i got there this snow town looked like ancient snow town for some reason. but there was a frog, which is this one on this fotograf and then i think there was aslo one huge dragon – for all my dragon-loving friends to know. no moose’ however.

many tubes and slides, jei! this one was probably the most fun for me. exactly the right size too! great fun. probably everyone should have a little snow town in their back yard, i think? so, if you are in the area, you can check it out! i have also heard there is this new snow town in Tallinn as well, maybe i will go check it out some day, before it melts, hehe.. anyways, please write a comment if you have some great experience or fotografs of you in snow towns!

next time, i plan to post some pics from my trip to Tartu Maraton ski tracks. how did they know i was going to go there and posted this Tartu Maraton sign also on the snow town? how very mysterious…