.. where Ikea is baking christmas cookies, jei!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

now, finally i have made my selection of christmas cookies fotografs! watch out #moose and #giraffes! this is especially for you, but also all my other friends and fans! thank you for reading my blog! although i am such a little giraffe, people all around the world are following this blog. so nice! thanks and merry Christmas!

anyways, i have to tell you, making christmas cookies is sort of addictive. especially eating them. i think these cookies are now my favorite food #2 after acacia leaves. therefore i have made already two large batches of cookies. so here come the fotografs of it.

first of all, i started off with my friends moose:

i must say, cutting and baking is the easy part. but the nice coating – quite hard. especially when you are a giraffe, like me. here’s however the first one of many, again, moose:

after many hours, all the moose are ready!! jeii. happy x-mas my moose friends!

ok, now, this is the last fotograf, then i am really going to eat one of these.. really!

with the help of my friends at home, look at this big giraffe that we have made! this is like twice as big as me! i think, this is no doubt my favorite gingerbread of 2009:

so many cookies and only one of me! let me just get this one over here…

ooh, it’s yet another giraffe! okou, i gotta love these, don’t you?

do, did i already tell you that there were two batches in the making? so, here is – batch #1:

batch #2:

jei. im already graving for one (or two) when writing this. so, merry christmas all and happy christmascookiemaking! c u later!

ooh, and if you want more, take a look at my entries to 1Milliongiraffes!

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