.. where Ikea is enjoying snowstorm outside his window

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Happy New Year! You know, these new years just sneak up on you, especially when you are a giraffe, like me. for example, i was watching TV and voila, there is this new year, suddenly. i like sneaking, as you may know :)

but also, there was this snowstorm in this little town that i live and they had most snow ever! so, that’s also most snow i have ever seen here in Kadriorg too! so, i was watching thru my window like this

while the very big snowstorm was on a break, i went to check out, how much snow there was –

– apparently A LOT! then, of course i wanted to make a little snowman real quick. here’s me modelling:

here’s me making snow angels (somehow this has something to do with snowmen..):

and here’s the little snowman itself! i guess it does not look anything like the model actually, especially the nose!

so that was it because then it started snowing again, plus i felt i had to get some christmas cookies right away :). but feel free to check out couple of other fotografs of the first snow on facebook. c u l8er!

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