.. where Ikea goes to Tallinn Zoo!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i wanted to tell u about my trip to Tallinn Zoo! Finally! but, i have to tell u that they don’t have a giraffe i’m afraid. that’s basically the main reason we have not been to Tallinn Zoo yet.

so this time, because the weather was REALLY nice we went to check it out. and i have to tell u i mostly wanted to see ice-bears and maybe some wild cats. i can tell u right now that we did not see any wild cats, because of the weather. it was too hot for them, it seems to me. but we did see one ice-bear! Polar bear, in fact:

his name is not Angel, if u ask me. i think his name is Nord. but he was quite busy walking around so we did not get a chance to ask… again, i did not get a really good fotograf because my friend Sipsik had to go to see some birds. but i wanted to take some pictures for Angel. he could not come because he was hiding in the bamboo basked since last time of hide-and-seek, hehe!

but here’s some more animals we did see. a large BULL elephant for example up here. and down here, a bunch of LLamas. sleeping, mostly.

then there were also some other animals but i did not get really good fotografs because they were hiding. This one llama told me that usually they have this big game of hide-and-seek on Saturdays, so most probably half of them were out there playing. it sounds reasonable to me. so we’ll have to go maybe next time again. or, like my friend Undu, he likes to follow the cameras. but i did get to meet an Angry Bird, hehe!

other than that, it was all good fun afternoon. naturally we also had some ice-cream (my favorite) and when everybody else was muching on theirs, i got a chance to take a litte sunbathe, jei!

what about your good self? did u visit some Zoos lately and, most importantly, did u meet giraffes? let me know in comments! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is meeting other animals in the Zoo

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Here comes the last set of fotografs that i have from my trip to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo few weeks ago. apparently, there are many more fun animals to see in the zoo besides my brothers giraffes that i was talking about in the last post. so, first of all, there are, of course, my friends meerkats:

Hello, look here! it’s me, Ikea! I think he heard, hehe

Guess what, there is a meerkat on this fotograf! staring right at me. as well as on this next one. these meerkats are not very easily noticed with this background you know :)

so, after a good chat with meerkats, we went for a skyride across the park. i have to say i used the chance to take a few bites from the treetops as well…

but here’s a little areal view of the tortoise on blanks of wood. apparently sunbathing :)

onwards, to the big white cats:

so, here i tried to ask them why they look exacly like zebras? but somehow i could not go near enough so they could hear me. anyway, i think the zoo did not have more room for zebras, so they have zebra-colour big white cats instead. (you know, there are zebras also, together with giraffes for example on this fotograf and hippos, but not that many..)
or, maybe the tigers got loose and ate some zebras :( and now because of that they all turn white like that? many questions unanswered..

and here’s me with a bunch of alligators. they all slept there like treetrunks and were not much fun at all. so only one fotograf of them:

but here, a question – what kind of animal is on this next fotograf and what is going on?

apparently, there is a shiamang feeding a baby shiamang, as you can see from this next foto where i am trying to make a shimp impression:

Of course, there are many more animals in this zoo, but i didn’t fotograf all of them because they were busy making other things. then, many were on a lunchbreak also and some others did not want to be fotografed at all for some reason. but you can go and check them out, like for example my funny friends lemurs :)

and for all meerkat fans, here’s a link to a meerkat cam on Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – they are out when there is no snow.

.. where Ikea is meeting real giraffes!!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea! (updated)

So, like i said, i finally had the chance to meet my brothers!! I have to say, they are in the zoo and not in the wild, but hey – i also flew on the plane! I have to say, i was very exited, so i almost forgot to take fotografs. so you’ll see these have been taken by other people. not to mention the fotografs not done by the place where they were given cookies. i will post some video link on that on twitter/facebook later on. so, without much more saying, here come the fotografs:

guess how many giraffes on this out-of-focus fotograf:

Hello there, it’s me, Ikea here! This waaay!!

Ok now, what is your name?

(well, it’s either Boris, Randall or Billy i think). and the answer for the question asked earlier above is four :) now, let’s see if you get how many giraffes you find on these two:

Okou, a little scary this place. right next to actually hippos :)

That’s if for now. i have to say we did not know back then that they had three more giraffes behind-the-scenes: Bengwa, Timmy and Tango Tango (Ugandan giraffe). So if you go there, take the safari tour and say hi from me! Here’s some more fotografs of me and this skull on facebook too :) But my meetings with other animals at this zoo already in the next post!