.. where Ikea goes to Tallinn Zoo!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i wanted to tell u about my trip to Tallinn Zoo! Finally! but, i have to tell u that they don’t have a giraffe i’m afraid. that’s basically the main reason we have not been to Tallinn Zoo yet.

so this time, because the weather was REALLY nice we went to check it out. and i have to tell u i mostly wanted to see ice-bears and maybe some wild cats. i can tell u right now that we did not see any wild cats, because of the weather. it was too hot for them, it seems to me. but we did see one ice-bear! Polar bear, in fact:

his name is not Angel, if u ask me. i think his name is Nord. but he was quite busy walking around so we did not get a chance to ask… again, i did not get a really good fotograf because my friend Sipsik had to go to see some birds. but i wanted to take some pictures for Angel. he could not come because he was hiding in the bamboo basked since last time of hide-and-seek, hehe!

but here’s some more animals we did see. a large BULL elephant for example up here. and down here, a bunch of LLamas. sleeping, mostly.

then there were also some other animals but i did not get really good fotografs because they were hiding. This one llama told me that usually they have this big game of hide-and-seek on Saturdays, so most probably half of them were out there playing. it sounds reasonable to me. so we’ll have to go maybe next time again. or, like my friend Undu, he likes to follow the cameras. but i did get to meet an Angry Bird, hehe!

other than that, it was all good fun afternoon. naturally we also had some ice-cream (my favorite) and when everybody else was muching on theirs, i got a chance to take a litte sunbathe, jei!

what about your good self? did u visit some Zoos lately and, most importantly, did u meet giraffes? let me know in comments! have fun and cu l8r!

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