.. where Ikea is meeting real giraffes!!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea! (updated)

So, like i said, i finally had the chance to meet my brothers!! I have to say, they are in the zoo and not in the wild, but hey – i also flew on the plane! I have to say, i was very exited, so i almost forgot to take fotografs. so you’ll see these have been taken by other people. not to mention the fotografs not done by the place where they were given cookies. i will post some video link on that on twitter/facebook later on. so, without much more saying, here come the fotografs:

guess how many giraffes on this out-of-focus fotograf:

Hello there, it’s me, Ikea here! This waaay!!

Ok now, what is your name?

(well, it’s either Boris, Randall or Billy i think). and the answer for the question asked earlier above is four :) now, let’s see if you get how many giraffes you find on these two:

Okou, a little scary this place. right next to actually hippos :)

That’s if for now. i have to say we did not know back then that they had three more giraffes behind-the-scenes: Bengwa, Timmy and Tango Tango (Ugandan giraffe). So if you go there, take the safari tour and say hi from me! Here’s some more fotografs of me and this skull on facebook too :) But my meetings with other animals at this zoo already in the next post!

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