.. where Ikea gets a new phone (again)!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Guess what! last few days has been very much fun playing with my new phone! It’s gr8 because of two reasons. Three in fact. One – it is new. Two, it is dust-proof. This is good because we giraffes like running a lot. and  it may get a bit dusty in the running process, if u ask me, so dustproof is gr8! And best thing about it – it is yellow! My second best favorite color, jei! Ok, gotta go and call my friend Angel (who has a birthday today), so cu l8r and have fun!

.. where Ikea gets a new phone!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

did i tell u last time about being really busy? i’m afraid it has not gotten any less busy at all..! but also, i have a good news – i have a new thing called phone (unfortunately, no “f”-s). but it is not for calling. i mean, u can call as well, but we, giraffes, are not so much into calling. we like to get together more often or, sometimes, twitter, hehe! but, u know, i was told u can make really nice fotografs with this phone (i must admit, i have not tried just yet). and what’s even more promising – i can now check what my friends all around the world are doing at the moment!! u know, sometimes i am right in the middle of things without a computer, so this phone thing will come in handy, i think! because, it seems like it’s more like a really small computer!

u see, i can even check out my blog (or update!) so, please leave lots of comments i can answer right away, jei!
also, what is even more fun, i can now play my favorite apple-eating game – Giraffe Above – anywhere i go!! that’s GR8 thing! check out this fotograf:

here i’m showing Undu and Vassu how to play the game on this phone! they got very exited, i can tell u. because, Angel never lets them play with the big computer u know. so they have very little experience in any fun Giraffe games. especially the ones including apples! not any longer, i can tell u that! but hey, i gotta run now! in fact i have to go and learn now how this fotografing thing works! so, have fun and cu l8r!!!

ps. my friend A Vermont Moose has really fun new blog posts (fotografs) – go check it out!