.. where a new girl moves in with Ikea

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what happened! like my friend Sipsik said some time ago (she said we may have another friend moving in with us soon) we have now another gr8 friend living with us, in Kadriorg! that’s great news! also, the second best news is that our new friend is a girl! She is a dog and her name is Lotte!

so, we right away we gathered around Lotte to ask some most important questions. u know like – what is your name (Lotte), where are you from (Gadgetville), what is your favorite color (red) and what is your favorite fun thing to do (to invent) and many other very very important questions. but maybe Lotte will blog about her some other time in the future, right now i will leave the other answers a secret, hehe! oh, but did u know, she is actually a movie star!!
so, apparently, Lotte especially likes to invent stuff and she is really smart! that means she is very good at some fun things that we did not know were fun. like for example, Lotte found a Rubik’s Cube that the Teddies had messed up. in fact, it was so messed up that we contemplated taking apart all the color stickers and putting them back together so it would be ok. there was also another alternative put forward by Saab – to eat it. luckily we choose to eat ice-cream instead. as it turns out, even the Teddies cannot mess the cube up so badly that Lotte cannot put it back in the order!! (we tried three times, in fact. we even used the help of my friend Sipsik, she is also very good at messing it up, u know!) so, here’s Lotte teaching me the tricks of the Cube:

apparently, it is very much fun! it seems to me that if i practice alot, i could even get one side together. it will probably be the orange side then, it’s my favorite!
actually there are lots of fun things Lotte knows about, in fact i need to go now because Lotte promised to teach us a little about Judo. i know nothing about it, but it sounds like fun. do you know about Judo? let me know! in the meatime, i will try to go and see if i can go and participate in the running marathon this year! we’ll see. have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is checking out Tartu Maraton track

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
Like i said, with a huge skiing event of Tartu Maraton with more than 6000 participants happening on Sunday this week, i went to check out this skiing track. although without skis, i’m afraid. because in africa, giraffes don’t do ski marathons, only running.

so i only walked a little from the finish area and found this huge banner saying “last kilometer”. i guess everyone who gets here from the start will also get to finish, looks like..

..unless of course there is a dog, like happened to me! luckily, Undu has taught me some basic dog speak, so after a while both the giraffe and the dog went our separate ways (as planned) :) u can see the whole trip and some other nature fotografs over here. so, if u are also going, have fun and say hello to all!

.. where Ikea goes to Tartu Snow Town

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea! Couple of weeks ago I was visiting my friends Muzzy and Aura again in Tartu. I have been to Tartu before but this time i had to go and check the snow town they had built there. and here comes some fotografs:

i have to tell you, it was quite chilly, something like -24*C. so as you can see, not too many kids or even giraffes playing there that morning. you probably wonder why didn’t Muzzy or Aura come along with me. it’s because i was in snow town before my visit to them, which was actually a secret. i love secrets a lot, as u know.

apparently, this snow town had quite a few tubes and sliding slopes for a lot of fun for giraffes and the like. it was not so easy to understand the actual figures, because when i got there this snow town looked like ancient snow town for some reason. but there was a frog, which is this one on this fotograf and then i think there was aslo one huge dragon – for all my dragon-loving friends to know. no moose’ however.

many tubes and slides, jei! this one was probably the most fun for me. exactly the right size too! great fun. probably everyone should have a little snow town in their back yard, i think? so, if you are in the area, you can check it out! i have also heard there is this new snow town in Tallinn as well, maybe i will go check it out some day, before it melts, hehe.. anyways, please write a comment if you have some great experience or fotografs of you in snow towns!

next time, i plan to post some pics from my trip to Tartu Maraton ski tracks. how did they know i was going to go there and posted this Tartu Maraton sign also on the snow town? how very mysterious…