.. where Ikea solves the mystery with the bed!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

remember the bed that i was talking about not long ago? i must say i asked pretty much everyone. but they were all very mysterious about it.. until just some days ago i found out – we are going to have a new person living in our home! jei! this is gr8 fun, because it was i think more than a year ago when we had someone move in! (well, of course we have Olafs, but they don’t count because they did not move in, they arrived in a package.) so, i think it was very much time!

so, meet Jette, my new roommate. I only have one fotograf because it is not so easy to catch her sleeping, u know! and the only time i have caught her, Angel was playing with the computer. so, i have not decided yet if he made this fotograf look interesting or gr8 fun-looking!

she is quite good looking, don’t u think? it’s probably because she has big eyes, like me, hehe! so, i think i will go and see if she wants to play something. Oh! and also, i wanted to tell u very secretly what Sipsik was telling me the other day – we will have another girl move in with us soon!! that’s very good news because so far, the only girl in our house was Leenu. and of course Sipsik too. so i had to tell u, but please keep this as a secret. until then, u can guess who this will be? i think she will be some kind of cute animal, what do you think? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

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