.. where Ikea goes to playground

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

over my summer break, i found lots of fun things. for exempel, i found this gr8 place called the playground! it is gr8 fun! It is mostly for kids, but giraffes are also allowed, yes! (but no dogs, i’m afraid). There is lots of fun things you can do in a playground, but since it was a bit wet for making sandcastles (jei) here’s something i tried: swinging! here’s me on a swing:

giraffes are not allowed on swings on their own many times, so here’s me with my friend Pipi. we managed just fine, if u ask me! just a little bit tight, but lots of fun!
but i have to say, the most fun thing that i found on this playground is this: the SLIDE!

the SLIDE is for sliding. you climb up from one side and SLIDE down from the other – as simple as that! and SLIDEs can be quite LOOOO…

…OOOOOooooonng, like this one!! and also like giraffes’ necks, they are long too! so they can be a little scary. but fear not, you can not fall anywhere, only slide!

so, the most important thing is to sit still, breathe in-and-out few times and then just SLIDE!! just like me below! jei, SLIDING is lots of fun!! have u been sliding recently? let me know!! in fact, i thing i will actually go and practice my SLIDE now because, apparently, Lotte found out about this SLIDE. So now we will be having Kadriorg Olympic Sliding Games, it seems!! hehe, sounds gr8 fun, if u ask me :) so, have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea meets Moon Rabbit Tik

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what happened! we got a visitor from Space! i don’t know if many of you guessed right from this fotograf:

but it is Tik, a rabbit from the Moon! yes! they have also made a film about that, check it out yourself! The film is called Lotte and the Moonstone Secret – very mysterious title, if u ask me! as you can see, my friend Lotte played in that film also! I like films a lot, u know. Because they start with F, just like Fun! so, that’s how Tik ended up with us – came to visit Lotte and he now maybe staying for a bit longer.
As for myself, i have not seen the movie yet. But my friend Sipsik promised to buy a DVD some day, so it looks promising. But i also have to tell u that i know most of the things that happen in the movie, except the secret part. Here’s me, Lotte and Tik talking about the movie, the plans of travelling back to the Moon and best things to eat:

we figured out that in order to get Tik back to the Moon, we first need to see the Moon. so, this is pretty much the situation at the moment (we are waiting for the moon):

(i just ran to computer to quickly post this) also, sitting on a radiator is a really good thing to do when it is about -30*C outside – like it was last night!! yes, it is quite cold in fact. even for giraffes, like me. and i’m not going to go out with this type of weather, i’m afraid.. so, i’m not sure about this plan of getting Tik back to Moon soon. But that is OK, because we have found out that Tik is quite good at Yatzy, so that’s a good thing. We might even teach him to hide-and-seek, although i have to tell u that most of the good hiding places are very much taken..
well, i guess we will figure something out, because it will be much fun! Until then, let me know if u have met Tik already, or seen the movie? have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea visits puppies and meets Shaun!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! last week i tried to visit my friends, puppies, to see how they were doing. i discovered that they had in fact left. their home was pretty much empty, except for the Black-And-White Cat, that was having a nap there instead. So i guess they must have gone travelling.
however, i did find out from the Cat that there were new puppies living nearby in the Shed. so, i went to meet them instead! they were seven!!

here you can see two of them new puppies, they are gr8! i met up with everybody and their mother Free and then we played a fun game called Judo. I learned Judo from my new friend Lotte, as u may know. So, i tried this new game out with my new puppy friends. it was great fun, as u can imagine! also, we invented a new version of the Judo – a team event! check it out:

lots of fun, don’t u think? the rules are very simple: there are just two: RULE #1. it is exactly like regular Judo, except rule nr two. RULE #2. you can have any number of teams with any number of players. so, this time we played with everybody on the same team!

l8r on we were thinking of playing hide and seek as well, because of the great hiding places in the shed, but apparently it was a nap time. so, instead i wondered around to look for some green grass. i was just about to eat some, when i met this Lamb!

we talked about best places to find grass around the farm and if he’d seen the Puppies. But he hadn’t, since he was only few weeks old. But i did learn that he’s name is Shaun! Shaun the Sheep, jei! what a surprise!! Now i have already three sheep friends with the name Shaun, hehe!

oh, it seems to me that i need to go now because we are going travelling, jei! so i better get packing. until then, have fun and cu l8r!