.. where Ikea watches the Tartu Running Marathon

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

like i said last time, there was this cool running marathon again! (we, giraffes, like running marathons a lot, as u probably know already) and i went to see how everybody is doing. i could not participate myself this time, because my friend Sipsik was running instead. so i had to watch her stuff and take fotografs. however, what happened is that the battery run out just after start!! luckily i had a phone with me, so i could take some alternative pictures. but they are not so great-looking, i’m afraid, hehe! so i will only post one, which i took about 1 kilometer before the finish, as u can see on the large banner. but running is lot’s of fun and as u know i like running lots. so, perhaps next time we take a backup battery with us (which we have, actually, but apparently it so happened that the teddies had played checkers and using it as a dam! – it’s a good thing, usually they would have tried eating it). so i better go and recharge it right away. until then, let me know if u have been running in the marathons already this year? have fun and cu l8r!

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