.. where Ikea attends a sweep day (again)

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
oh, i promised to tell u about the running marathon! well, it seems to me we had some technical problems.. i will tell u later! i need to go and find a way to find some fotografs first!! until then, there was another event last weekend – “let’s do it” day!
pretty much like last year it just so happened that i happened to attend a sweep-day! this time in south-Estonia, jei!

well, i have to say, i don’t have too many fotografs this time. i was working, u know. we giraffes like to work just occasionally. on occasion in other words. meaning sometimes, i think. so, this time i was mostly working. except that one time when we found some really really nice blue flowers – the Hepaticas! hehe, very nice. i think these hepaticas will easily make my top 20 best (non-edible) flowers list. well, perhaps even together with edible ones in fact. other than that, we had lots of fun sweeping! oh PS. there was this other time when i was not working. then i found snow! in May!
what about u, did you do any sweeping or spring cleaning this year? or maybe found some fun snow? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

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