.. where Ikea takes Angel to where snow is made!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

apparently, last year, they only had to make snow only this one time. and later they moved the machines, i think. for example i think maybe norway, they were missing some snow? so what happened, is that i never had a chance to take Angel with me, like i promised. so, last week, right after i found out it was all snowing, i wanted to go and check it out. but of course then, i got stuck, as i was telling you. but then of course i wanted to make sure i go there. because my friends Stretchnecks and MooseHerd were telling me they don’t have much snow at all!! i quickly figured out (with the help of Undu, he’s pretty smart about these things u know) that it must be because the snow machines maybe also stuck.. at this place where they make snow, maybe?

so, me and Angel, we went to this place where they made snow last year. and they are also making this year!! that’s great news! so, before i could say “snowmachines!” Angel had quickly left to investigate:

as it turns out, the snow machines had been making snow for some time already (which explains the large hills of snow under our windows AND the huge pile of snow where i got stuck)! apparently, the snowmakers had manufactured a very nice mountain of snow right there at the spot!

ps. Stretchnecs and MooseHerd, the snowmachine is right there on the left. and in fact, there is another one right there behind the bump!

so, finally i also  made it up this great snow-mountain! Angel was all covered in the snow by the time, i’m afraid!

but of course, he’s quite used to this, i have to say. we then studied how the snow flies. apparently, the machines only blow the snow up to certain height. and then, usually, wind comes and takes it all around the area. nothing very mysterious there, actually. after we’d done all that, we also did something called “sliding down the snowy slopes”. it’s a thing that ice-bears do in their spare time. it’s very much fun!! and it looks something like this:

please not the sliding tracks just behind us. Angel tells me that it is better to do on a hard snow like that. apparently u get stuck with the soft snow.. hehe, i knew that!

unfortunately, we did not find out how long are these machines going to be there. so i don’t know where they go next. maybe to Tartu, because my friend Muzzy tells me that they have only very little snow too! but i did also find out that these are not the only machines!! so, i hope that they will start the machines in the area of my friends Stretchnecks and MooseHerd soon too. i hope! so, until then, please write in comments, if u already have snow and if u do, have you found out where they are making it? have fun and cu l8r!

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