.. where Ikea gets stuck in snow!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
if you have been following me on twitter you maybe found out two things: 1. they started making snow!!! (i know this, because this great new white snow is EVERYWHERE! and it is really really nice too.) and 2. i was going to go and check out if they are making the snow in this place that they made snow last year. but  i have to tell you – i did not go at once, because i wanted to watch how it is snowing very nicely. and then Angel wanted to play hide-and-seek. and then i was thinking about christmas cookies. and then i had to look up one word in the dictionary for Undu who now has a new hobby. but i can’t talk about it, it is supposed to be a secret!! so, then i forgot about it until i only remembered it again in the evening. so i wanted to go, really! and then – i got stuck!!!

u know, giraffes are know for their long necks, but it was even over my head! well, almost over my head, as u can see! also, it is a bit cold when the snow is all over your head too! i am happy that at least i managed to have this fotograf taken, so i could show you the big piles of snow that came down in just about one day! but no going to check the snowmakers this time, i’m afraid…

but i will make another try. because Angel also wanted to come and in fact, he might actually quite enjoy this. so, will go and discuss with Undu and Angel another way to get through the snow. Until then, please let me know if you have spotted any (other) places they are making snow! maybe they will not be at the same place, then it is good to know, u know! have fun and cu l8r!

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