.. where Ikea is mowing lawn on a tractor

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

wohoo! lawn-mowing is great fun u know! because that’s exactly what i was doing last week! and, because of the very very very very nice warm weather (it’s been like 30*C EVERY DAY last two weeks!!!) i have been extremely busy outside. in fact, i barely have time to take fotografs! (or post them.) but here comes:

a bit hard to see from behind the wheel, don’t you think, hehe! but actually not so bad. for example, i saw the puppies very well in advance, look:

and here’s another one!

and here’s one chasing me, hehe! (and yes, they are the same puppies i was visiting the other day with the rain.)

i have to say i have not heard of any other giraffes mowing lawn with a tractor before, have you? but it is very much fun as you can go pretty fast and have to have your eyes opne for puppies. it is good that i have great big eyes, u know.

what about you, have you been mowing with a tractor lately? let me know your fun doings in comments! have fun and cu l8r!

ooh, almost forgot!! ikea4fun is now in Riga, Latvia! that’s just great thing.

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