.. where Ikea is having lots of fun :)

Hello there! It’s me Ikea!
well, it’s not the blog mystery that’s so fun as u might think. and i have to tell u it is quite mysterious and it might not be over yet! i have to keep an eye on Angel, he’s my prime suspect right now.. but, it has been quite a lot of fun happening other than blog mystery. for example, i was watching football!! not that i haven’t watched football before, but it was the oranges who played and won, jei!! here’s me and undu watching:

another fun thing i discovered is that with the twitter. for example if u use #NED there is a little flag of Netherlands! and when u use #worldcup then u can see a little ball!! very nice! check it out!

but also, i was busy with some other fun things. for example, this other day i discovered this very long road:

it goes right into the sea, i’m afraid. with all this sun outside, of course i could not resist to do some sunbathing, hehe!

then, last weekend i was doing bag-hopping-on-a-stone! have u tried it? it looks pretty much like this:

it is very good fun and a little scary. especially if u are a giraffe, like me! u can do it on your own, but it usually helps if u have someone helping with the bag. because it CAN be a little heavy. u know, if there are books also inside the bag, for example. or other things.

also, u can do bag-hopping not only on stones, but pretty much everywhere u go. u know, it can get you very nice places! for example i got to this very very very nice place with all the wild strawberries!!!!

wohooo, i think wild strawberries are climbing right up into my top 100 best things to eat chart!! in fact, i am contemplating putting together an expedition to go wild strawberry-hunting in very near future. i know the teddies are in, not sure about undu. he’s not so much into vegetables, u know! but i have to convince him, he knows these woods and meadows inside out. also, he always has some fun story to tell!

so what’s up in your neck of woods? any wild strawberries by chance? let me know and cu l8r!!

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