..where Ikea finds out where snow is made

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

whew, last week i had lots of fun making christmas cookies and i will post some fotografs as soon as i have them sorted. but you can check one with moose over here.

but yesterday, i had a great adventure! you know, for a lot of giraffes (originally from Africa), it has been a mystery for a while to figure out where does snow come from. so, finally i had a chance to find out and i have to tell you real fast (christmas cookies can wait :)

so, apparently it is quite simple: snow is made with special machines and wind blows it away to many places so everybody can ski. here’s pictures of one such place with those machines:

in fact, here you can see there is only one snowmachine right now. but there were some men at work and so they brought another one so i could take a proper fotograf:

:) somehow this snow also makes the sun grow big and then almost like dissappear. in this next fotograf you can guess where the snowmachines are. hint hint: they are not both on one side ;-)

from these pictures you might think they are taken in the middle of the night or something. guess what, they are not (because there is sun outside) :) but on this next one you can see it is actually morning outside:

plus, you can see here how the snow then goes up and wind takes it away to other places too, like Kadriorg for example. want to know where it is? it’s not far from me on the .

so, that’s it! by the way, did i mention that it was -12*C outside? i have to say, this is pretty cold, my nose was totally frozen after that. i had to make myself some acacia-leaf-tea in fact, so i’m fine now :) next time i will definitely take my friend Angel with me. you know, he’s an ice-bear! he should love it!

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