.. where Ikea discovers mysterious ski tracks

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! on Sunday, i went out to do my regular sunbathing-and-sitting on a bench routine. (a routine is something u do lots of times, although it may not be as much fun as the first time – Leenu explained). So, apparently this is something i do sometimes, when i have free time – i go sitting on a bench and sunbathe. i have now done it twice, so i can officially declare it is a routine. (declare is when u say something with a very important face – Leenu.) giraffes are generally known for their important faces, so i guess i can pretty much declare anything, it seems to me. so, there i was sunbathing:

and it went all really well, because the sun was also out occasionally. few times i have also been sunbathing with no sun outside – not so much fun. unless of course u have a camera and u can take fotografs.
but that’s not what i wanted to talk about. in fact, when i was on my way back, i discovered this:

SKI TRACKS! in the middle of a field, really. no official ski tracks in the area, for that i am sure. because there are only few places you can ski in my Kadriorg neighborhood. i have to say, these ski tracks were really really mysterious. do you know why? because there was nobody skiing!!! only few people walking, but without skis, i can tell u that. it’s really puzzling for me right now, so if u happen to have some ideas, please let me know in comments!!
oh, but the good news is that when i was trying to figure out this thing with the mysterious ski tracks, i discovered a shadow, hehe! jei! have fun and cu l8r!

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