.. where Ikea discovers mysterious ski tracks

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! on Sunday, i went out to do my regular sunbathing-and-sitting on a bench routine. (a routine is something u do lots of times, although it may not be as much fun as the first time – Leenu explained). So, apparently this is something i do sometimes, when i have free time – i go sitting on a bench and sunbathe. i have now done it twice, so i can officially declare it is a routine. (declare is when u say something with a very important face – Leenu.) giraffes are generally known for their important faces, so i guess i can pretty much declare anything, it seems to me. so, there i was sunbathing:

and it went all really well, because the sun was also out occasionally. few times i have also been sunbathing with no sun outside – not so much fun. unless of course u have a camera and u can take fotografs.
but that’s not what i wanted to talk about. in fact, when i was on my way back, i discovered this:

SKI TRACKS! in the middle of a field, really. no official ski tracks in the area, for that i am sure. because there are only few places you can ski in my Kadriorg neighborhood. i have to say, these ski tracks were really really mysterious. do you know why? because there was nobody skiing!!! only few people walking, but without skis, i can tell u that. it’s really puzzling for me right now, so if u happen to have some ideas, please let me know in comments!!
oh, but the good news is that when i was trying to figure out this thing with the mysterious ski tracks, i discovered a shadow, hehe! jei! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes geocaching with Undu

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!!

so, like i said, me and Undu went out to test the signature items, the snails!!

our destination this time was Põlvamaa. this is actually the place where Undu’s parents live. well, most of the time, because apparently last week they had just left for vacation. so, we did not meet them. but we went to some fun places with towers and took some fotografs. also we found some geocaches in fun places! but i can’t tell you where exactly – it’s a bit of a mystery really. because they are geoCACHES, u know! so, the fotografs are from nice places nearby. quite near in fact.. but, i cannot tell you more!

so, to this first place, we had to take a little walk. it was Undu who took the walk. i was running, mostly. so, that’s why you can’t see me on this fotograf – i was already gone, hehe!

but i have to tell u, i got a little distracted by a patch of wild strawberries. in fact, i got quite a lot distracted. so, Undu almost beat me to the tower. because that was where we were going. you can see, it was really neck and neck at the towertop!

huuh, a little break to take back a few breaths after this loooong ladder. also for Undu because of his sheep costume. it was quite hot outside, u know.

and here, a group fotograf, hehe :) well, enjoying the view from the tower. look at these fun trees! it seems to me that these trees may have participated in running marathon or something like that. and it must have been real bad headwind!!

so, after enjoying the view we also had to find the cache! here’s me and Undu scanning the area for possible geocache hideouts:

(and i can secretly tell u that we found it!) so, this was the place with the tower. but we also went to some other fun places. like this one, with even bigger tower and a large of bog behind it:

u can see from Undu’s face that he is not so much fond of these heights, i’m afraid. luckily, the next place was not so high. in fact, it was more like a hole in the ground! with an extremely round waterbed – as it turns out, it’s a meteorite crater – very mysterious, if u ask me!

as u can see, not so many fotografs from these other places. it’s because we were running low on the battery and had to save some just in case something really fun happened. for example this one over here – a giraffe shadow in the mysterious meteorite crater water!! look!

i didn’t know that giraffe shadows also live in meteorite craters! well, guess what, not too many fotografs of caches or snails! but you can go geocaching too and collect them :) so, let me know what fun places u have been lately? have fun and cu l8r!

..where Ikea is sunbathing in S. Florida

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Now, I have to tell you about my trip to florida when I was vacationing. You may already know that i have this one favorite hobby to sunbathe. In fact, this is one of the favorite hobbies of all giraffes, you know. That’s why we have these big brown spots – from sunbathing a lot!

So, when I was in florida, i had to go and try out these beaches. and then i made some fotografs. Here are some of them taken in Melbourne beach area. First, i discover this small hole:

.. then, luckily i also find this cool orange spade for digging:

.. and voilà, here comes a big hole!

here, it’s me talking to my shade. as you know, i like shades a lot too!

.. and now, some sea as well. i think it is not obvious, but there are thousands of fish on this fotograf. unfortunately, they are very small, even tiny ones right in the middle of these waves!

i had to take out my slippers because of this hot-hot sand. It was definitely the hottest sand since mexico, hehe :)

So secondly, I also checked out the beach in Key West. Not so many waves there, i’m afraid, even less small fish. So not too many fotografs this time. But at least a few proper fotografs of me sunbathing :)

So that’s it for this time. I still have a few fotografs of me in the Tampa Zoo, so i hope to get those posted quite soon as well! CU later!

hmm, what’s this doing here …?