Happy Pancake Day!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i have now just arrived from Sweden, where i was checking out Vasaloppet, a skiing race! but, u have to wait until next week because it will take some time before i can sort out my fotografs! i can tell u, it was much fun!

i did find out however on the ship today that it’s not only Tuesday today, but it is also a Pancake Day! well, in fact my friend @Mooseherd told me that. because, u know they call it different in this country, Estland. It’s called Vastlapäev! and it is a great day for sledging, also (there are some interesting rules for that, especially for this day, but i don’t know exactly because i had no time to go sledging today i’m afraid) but it sure is gr8 day, u know – because of the special buns! so, i made a special fotograf of these special buns that i ordered for myself – especially for my friends @Cutie_Giraffe and @Mooseherd to see. so here comes:

(ooh, did i mention i already ate two, hehe!) also, check out the bonus material in the background, hehe – maybe i will get my friend Sipsik to make some of those too? let’s hope.. we’ll, u go have fun sledging now and let me know when u have some fun fotografs! have fun and cu l8r!

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