.. where Ikea is *not* stuck in a car!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

hehe, i just read on my blog what Angel was saying about me being stuck in a car! Well, let me tell you something funny – i was *not* stuck in a car! Instead,  I went to this place called Kõrvemaa (not too far) to watch a running event (i like running a lot, as u might know). I also have a fotograf to prove this (see below). But of course then, i went to visit my friend, moose Aura, who lives in South-Estonia (i have no fotografs to prove this, i’m afraid). So, it was a bit of a detour, if u ask me. I guess u could say i was playing hide-and-seek..

Either way, i just wanted to make sure there was no confusion about it. Getting stuck in a car is still on my ‘to do’ list, hehe!

ps. I will post some more fotografs from my trip to Stockholm soon. But i still need get them from my friend Sipsik. And then there is this gr8 thing called sorting out the best ones, which can take A LOT of time! So, i’d better start right away. Until then, have fun and cu l8r!