.. where Ikea discovers a boat with a giraffe on it

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
like i said, on my way back from Stockholm, I discovered this other boat that was passing. And on this boat – a giraffe!! jei!! here’s the fotografs:

apparently, it is not really a boat, but a ferry, my friend Leenu says. Ferries are gr8. For exempel, they start with “F”, which is a good thing. a ferry with a giraffe on it is even better. Although i have to say – as u saw maybe – there were also some other animals. Penguins i think. Penguins are also very much fun. I also discovered another ship, a red one:

but no giraffe there i’m afraid..
just right after this red ferry i discovered a big mysterious shadow on this island that we passed. Take a look:

quite daunting, don’t you think? fear not, apparently it was just the shadow of our ship, a big white ferry – my friend Sipsik said. Unfortunately, no giraffe on it neither..

I did find out from my friend Lotte yesterday that it is an Estonian artist Navitrolla who has painted this boat. Jei, his giraffes look gr8, don’t you think?

ps. here’s also proof that mr Sun maybe living in the Stockholm area: