.. where Ikea discovers a boat with a giraffe on it

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
like i said, on my way back from Stockholm, I discovered this other boat that was passing. And on this boat – a giraffe!! jei!! here’s the fotografs:

apparently, it is not really a boat, but a ferry, my friend Leenu says. Ferries are gr8. For exempel, they start with “F”, which is a good thing. a ferry with a giraffe on it is even better. Although i have to say – as u saw maybe – there were also some other animals. Penguins i think. Penguins are also very much fun. I also discovered another ship, a red one:

but no giraffe there i’m afraid..
just right after this red ferry i discovered a big mysterious shadow on this island that we passed. Take a look:

quite daunting, don’t you think? fear not, apparently it was just the shadow of our ship, a big white ferry – my friend Sipsik said. Unfortunately, no giraffe on it neither..

I did find out from my friend Lotte yesterday that it is an Estonian artist Navitrolla who has painted this boat. Jei, his giraffes look gr8, don’t you think?

ps. here’s also proof that mr Sun maybe living in the Stockholm area:

.. where Ikea finds a Pig, a Duck and the Sunset on the boat

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
finally chance to upload some fotografs from my gr8 fun trip to Stockholm, jei! This is part I – few pics from the boat from Tallinn. In fact, it takes all night to go from Tallinn to Stockholm with a boat, so lots of things can happen on the trip – so it is gr8 to take your camera with you. For example, first of all, the boat leaves quite early in the evening. So, if you are lucky, like me, a giraffe, u can have the sun outside. This is really a good thing because then you can go outside on a deck for sunbathe, jei!

Sunbathing is one of my favorite things, as u might know. And it is always a gr8 thing to start off a trip with sunbathing, u know. Because then your trip is already a success and it even hasn’t really started. For exampel, i was already out on the sun deck before the boat left the port! gr8 success!
But, suddenly (i was still sunbathing at the time) i felt that someone is observing me. As it turned out, it was a Pig, peeking out of the cabin window:

hehe, a cheerful-looking pink fellow, don’t you think? :) he was, i’m afraid, a foreigner, because i could not understand a word he was saying. It sure wasn’t any of the languages that we, giraffes can speak. however, it sounded very much fun, so i could say we had a conversation. (a conversation is when two or more animals talk to each other, my friend Leenu says. It’s a lot like talking, but more interesting, but less fun). Except ours was fun too!
One thing that i did learn from mr Pig was that there could be more animals inside these cabins. So i wandered off to peek into windows. Quite soon i discovered one more foreign bird – a Duck of some kind!

We’ll, he looked like a duck to me, what do you think? Again, a foreigner with funny sounding language. It could be Chinese, even? It’s all quite mystery to me because there was no really good way to find out and my good friend Leenu who knows all these foreign words was not with me. We did have a fun conversation with additional making of funny faces, which we, giraffes are quite good at. Lot’s of fun, if you ask me, hehe!
I did not see any more animals in the windows after that, but i did see other ships. Unfortunately it was a bit too dark for my camera and those fotografs were not really good ones. And i did get a really nice fotograf of a ship on my way back!! But i will post it another time! Until then, let me know if you have been on a boat to Stockholm and if you have seen any animals on the boat? Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea travels in Hiiumaa

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

how are you all doing? im doing gr8! just came back from a little travelling in Hiiumaa. apparently, Hiiumaa is an island (similar to Madagascar, but much smaller) so everywhere we went it was sea around! in fact, you have to take a boat to get there. this was the boat that we were supposed to take:

but it seems like that one is more for cars, not as much for giraffes. but it was quite fun, with nice sun outside and wind blowing in the face!

as it turns out, there are many islands besides Hiiumaa. so, first we went to see, if we can help to build a bridge to the largest one, Saaremaa. apparently, there was this one guy that wanted to build this bridge already, named Leiger. he, however, is now really busy being a bronze statue and the bridge is still unfinished somehow… so, at here’s me rolling a stone towards the end of Tirbi säär:

so that’s about 800 meters to go still. but finally..

.. i’m there! so, this is where the bridge works is at this moment. so, if you are travelling here any time soon, please bring some stones as well!
after such big roadworks, we went to a sauna on the sea! i did not go to the sauna myself, but i was listening to the radio:

great fun, because we had to take a small boat to get here and back! so, that was pretty much all for day one.

like i said, you could not go anywhere on this island without ending up in the sea. so, for the second day, we went to the sea first, to get that out of the way.

not too much sun outside, but A LOT of wind!! wohooo, and the WAVES!!! i have to say, i did not go to swim. giraffes, like me – are not really good swimmers u know. maybe i will take up swimming one day, but not with these INCREDIBLE waves! but it was great fun watching! in fact, i had to run away from this spot that i was sitting many times because sometimes the waves came chasing me all the way up there!

so, later on, we climbed up this 3rd oldest working lighthouse in the world, with really nice tall steps:

in fact, the steps were a little bit over my head, when i was standing up..

..but eventually, i managed to get up there, jei! and guess what was there besides nice view? the WIND! wohoo, the same wind that had built up those monster waves had come along and climbed up the wall instead of taking stairs. how so clever indeed. so, here’s couple of fotografs from the lighthouse:

what an interesting small man looking up, don’t you think? i think his name was Ants, because that’s what the kids were saying at the tower… (u know they were saying something like – “hey, these people look exacly like Ants”)

so, that’s pretty much it! well of course then we went geocaching :) and also hide one new cache right in the middle of Kärdla (but that’s a secret for now, so i can’t show you any fotografs of that) 8-)

what about you? have you been travelling to any islands lately? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!