.. where Ikea is going to Tartu Marathon (again)!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Superbusy at the moment, as u would think, hehe! So, just a couple of fotografs, quickly! Can you guess what is going on?


yes, it is Tartu Marathon time again, jei! We, Giraffes are not very much into biking, but.. there are exceptions! maybe more fotografs coming soon, hehe! Until then, have fun and cu l8r!


.. where Ikea is watching H100 and gets kidnapped

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i have just been to South-Estonia for the week-end. and lots of fun things happen in South-Estonia, if u ask me. For exampel Haanja 100, which is an event for people with bikes, usually mountain-bikes. Giraffes, like me, we are not much into biking, but i like bikes sometimes. and i like to watch the competition events, like H100 (last year). This event looks like gr8 fun because, u know, u have to bike one hundred kilometers. That’s a lot of meters! but not all bikers do 100 kilometers. in fact, some of them do one hundred MILES! that’s even more meters!! and it takes pretty much all day! Like for exampel this guy here, Jouni, apparently he doing 100 miles:

how do i know that? because he has this number, with a name on it, hehe! so, as u can see, me and my friend Sten went to watch the bikers on a big hill called Vorstimägi with a 2-milline (2-million) view. unfortunately, i could not stay there for long, because, u know suddenly there was this mysterious guy dressed in blue and before i or my friend Sten could do anything i was kidnapped and carried away lots of meters! luckily we have a fotograf:

as u can see, i don’t have any more fotografs of the bikers, because, u know, it is not so easy to take fotografs when u are kidnapped! and i have to tell u, i was kidnapped for quite a while. but i can tell u now that all ended well and i am now back at home, Kadriorg. im not going to reveal the mystery how i got back, but i CAN tell u that the mother of this mysterious guy in blue WAS indeed involved. so, the most important thing is to stay calm, even when kidnapped while watching bike racing, hehe!
good news is that there are photos from others, from the same area, Vorstimägi, over here! but what about you? have u ever been kidnapped? and what about biking 100 miles? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is watching Rõuge Rattamaraton

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Ooh, last week has been quite busy for me, a giraffe. I was travelling in many places, looking for Olaf, but no luck yet. If you do, please let me know, OK?
Other than that, the weekend was most fun. Especially on Saturday i was watching mountainbikers all day. u know, the track was right next to this place i was. so, naturally i went to check it out. AND i took some fotografs too!

well, first of all, i had to go and check out the signs. u know, if i was in the right place. so, here’s me going..

however, i must admit that i got carried away by the fresh scent of hay. and, got lost somehow, quite mysteriously.

u see, even if you are a giraffe, like me, there is some hay that is still taller than you. so, it actually took quite some time before i got back on that road again, but i did! and then i checked out this sign.

in fact, this sign says really two things. 1. the bikers come this way (hence the sign) and 2. there is 1 kilometer to the place where you can have food and drinks. i did not go that far myself, so i don’t know what they had this time, i’m afraid. i wonder if they had any acacia leaves, or at least ice-cream?

so, after that, i tried to figure out a good place to sit in order to have a good view. after trying this pole..

..and then the other one..

.. i realized that climbing is not for me. so i stayed on the ground. :) as it turned out, it actually was a GREAT spot. because i could see bikers both coming..

.. and going! ooh, and there were quite many, i have to say. i think i have not even seen as many giraffes in a herd as there were bikers! once they started coming, they just came and came and came. it seems to me biking is a lot of fun, that’s why so many bikers. perhaps i can also get a bike one day? i saw mr fox had one really cute one.. hmm.. have to think about that.
as u might think there were lots more fotografs taken. if you want to find your friends, check out these photos over here and tell me if you know anyone. or perhaps did you go biking yourself? let me know in comments! have fun and cu l8er!