.. where Ikea is watching H100 and gets kidnapped

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i have just been to South-Estonia for the week-end. and lots of fun things happen in South-Estonia, if u ask me. For exampel Haanja 100, which is an event for people with bikes, usually mountain-bikes. Giraffes, like me, we are not much into biking, but i like bikes sometimes. and i like to watch the competition events, like H100 (last year). This event looks like gr8 fun because, u know, u have to bike one hundred kilometers. That’s a lot of meters! but not all bikers do 100 kilometers. in fact, some of them do one hundred MILES! that’s even more meters!! and it takes pretty much all day! Like for exampel this guy here, Jouni, apparently he doing 100 miles:

how do i know that? because he has this number, with a name on it, hehe! so, as u can see, me and my friend Sten went to watch the bikers on a big hill called Vorstimägi with a 2-milline (2-million) view. unfortunately, i could not stay there for long, because, u know suddenly there was this mysterious guy dressed in blue and before i or my friend Sten could do anything i was kidnapped and carried away lots of meters! luckily we have a fotograf:

as u can see, i don’t have any more fotografs of the bikers, because, u know, it is not so easy to take fotografs when u are kidnapped! and i have to tell u, i was kidnapped for quite a while. but i can tell u now that all ended well and i am now back at home, Kadriorg. im not going to reveal the mystery how i got back, but i CAN tell u that the mother of this mysterious guy in blue WAS indeed involved. so, the most important thing is to stay calm, even when kidnapped while watching bike racing, hehe!
good news is that there are photos from others, from the same area, Vorstimägi, over here! but what about you? have u ever been kidnapped? and what about biking 100 miles? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!