.. where Ikea is at Grande Arche

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

look, what i discovered – i had one more set of fotografs from my trip to Paris, France! but these are the last ones, i checked! so, i will quickly post these, so they don’t get old, hehe! So, this last place is apparently a very cool place with this huge arch. i guess that’s why it is called Grande Arche!

really nice view from there, as you can see. it is great for enjoying the view, or just eating ice-cream or strawberries [hint, hint]. u can also try to sunbathe, but it is not very convenient, i’m afraid. or you can also play hide-and seek. see if you can spot me on this fotograf:

if u didn’t the next one might give you a little hint, hehe.

so, that’s my little fun trip to Paris. have u been to Paris recently? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!

ps. Ikea 4 the Fun has started his travels!! he is on the way to Latvia now!

.. Supersize Ikea

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

so, it is time to reveal the mystery of me in Paris that i was talking about – if u have read the last two posts about me at the tower and Montmartre. and guess what – it’s not that i was eating some magic strawberries! (although my friend Timmy did eat a magic tomato, as i was just watching him in this batch of my friend Shaun’s adventures – very funny). but istead – they have made the houses in France a lot smaller!! check this –

i can’t even put my head through the door!

so i went to ask what’s going on from this Guy Dieu, who apparently lives in one of them churches – you can see me here knocking on his door. so he says – “it’s not ze real france, i’m afraid. it is ze France Miniature!” (he has a real funny french accent too) “so, zis is made for les giraffes, like u, exactly!” wohoo – a small france made exactly for giraffes, like me, so i don’t have to travel through the whole country! i like!

so, i must say i wandered around the whole country in just couple of hours :) and i have to tell u, that i made lots of fotografs too. too many in fact. so instead i have uploaded them to my flickr photos, please take a look if u want more. but i had also some other fun in this park, for example rolling down the hill with kids! gr8 fun, if u ask me! have u tried rolling down the hill this spring yet? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!