.. Supersize Ikea

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

so, it is time to reveal the mystery of me in Paris that i was talking about – if u have read the last two posts about me at the tower and Montmartre. and guess what – it’s not that i was eating some magic strawberries! (although my friend Timmy did eat a magic tomato, as i was just watching him in this batch of my friend Shaun’s adventures – very funny). but istead – they have made the houses in France a lot smaller!! check this –

i can’t even put my head through the door!

so i went to ask what’s going on from this Guy Dieu, who apparently lives in one of them churches – you can see me here knocking on his door. so he says – “it’s not ze real france, i’m afraid. it is ze France Miniature!” (he has a real funny french accent too) “so, zis is made for les giraffes, like u, exactly!” wohoo – a small france made exactly for giraffes, like me, so i don’t have to travel through the whole country! i like!

so, i must say i wandered around the whole country in just couple of hours :) and i have to tell u, that i made lots of fotografs too. too many in fact. so instead i have uploaded them to my flickr photos, please take a look if u want more. but i had also some other fun in this park, for example rolling down the hill with kids! gr8 fun, if u ask me! have u tried rolling down the hill this spring yet? let me know! have fun and cu l8r!