..where Ikea has a new homepage

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i have to tell you that i have a new homepage now! i wonder, how many giraffes have their homepage at all? and how many of those then have a blog? and then make fotografs? i guess i have to find out someday. so, it’s www.ikeathegiraffe.com and you’ll see this blog has moved there. but it’s much nicer, because i have a really big background fotograf there – check it out! you may even need to borrow a larger screen to see that, actually :)

if you are already here, you can probably see some new links and old links too on the right. so, the second big news is that i have a new facebook fan page! now you can become a friend or a fan or both. btw, did you notice – facebook, friend and fan are all starting with “f”, just like “fun”?

also, i’m still working on both the homepage/blog and facebook pages. it’s not so easy at all, when you are a giraffe, like me. especially typing, hehe :) so, please comment what you think of it and share some ideas what you’d like to see here! since i have no fotografs this time, thanks for now and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea is meeting real giraffes!!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea! (updated)

So, like i said, i finally had the chance to meet my brothers!! I have to say, they are in the zoo and not in the wild, but hey – i also flew on the plane! I have to say, i was very exited, so i almost forgot to take fotografs. so you’ll see these have been taken by other people. not to mention the fotografs not done by the place where they were given cookies. i will post some video link on that on twitter/facebook later on. so, without much more saying, here come the fotografs:

guess how many giraffes on this out-of-focus fotograf:

Hello there, it’s me, Ikea here! This waaay!!

Ok now, what is your name?

(well, it’s either Boris, Randall or Billy i think). and the answer for the question asked earlier above is four :) now, let’s see if you get how many giraffes you find on these two:

Okou, a little scary this place. right next to actually hippos :)

That’s if for now. i have to say we did not know back then that they had three more giraffes behind-the-scenes: Bengwa, Timmy and Tango Tango (Ugandan giraffe). So if you go there, take the safari tour and say hi from me! Here’s some more fotografs of me and this skull on facebook too :) But my meetings with other animals at this zoo already in the next post!

..where Ikea is vacationing in Mexico

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

I have now finally had time to organize my fotografs from the vacation. so here it’s me in Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda Hotel in Quintana Roo near Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

First of all, this is a picture from the hotel where i meet with the locals. They are swans called Blues and Esmeralda. They work as hotel towels in their free time, but normally they just go from room to room to sleep in guest beds when people are out on the beach.

Most of the day i was doing my favorite thing – sunbathe – by the pool. So here it’s me sunbathing:

But there were lots of things to do on vacation in Mexico. For example, drink coctails. my favorite coctail is ‘blue giraffe’ hehe :)

other things to have fun in Mexico:

1. go hiking in the wild-wild jungle in search of acacia leaves:

2. or, snorkel and try to scare small fish:

3. or, make a flag of Mexico:

4. or, play chess:

5. or, go geocashing:

:) of course, it is not so easy to do all this when you are a giraffe, but it’s worth trying! so, that’s it for Mexico for now. But you can check into my facebook, i have posted there some fotografs of my flight to Mexico and back! see you then!