miracle just happened!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

you won’t believe what happened!! we got a package from German Post today!!!!! this was great news, because if you remember i was telling you that me and my friend Sipsik were looking for more Giraffes not long ago. i have to tell u that we had been waiting for 2 months for the Giraffes to arrive that had been sent in March, from Germany. and by then we were pretty sure they were all lost and almost ready to accept that we might not see them again. because, even if you are giraffe, it takes much less then two months to get from Germany to Estonia, i can tell you that. but now, three and half months later – this news!!! so, right away we went to the post office to get the package!

apparently, there was another bag inside the package..

.. and inside the bag – OLAFS!!!!!!

how great is that!?!?! i can tell you – it is AWESOME! this is best news that can happen! [still, if u spot more Olafs anywhere in the world, please do tell me because i’m not sure how long these guys will stay here – will ask later] happy, happy, happy!!

apparently, also a cow came along, hehe! her name is Eddy. a male name, don’t you think? :) but despite the long journey, everybody looks quite fresh too. so far i have found out that until starting their travel they lived in a store called vis-shop.de [no more Olafs there i’m afraid, but u can meet more Eddies and lots of Bonos] and they brought Eddy along for security reasons (she’s got horns, u know).

wohoo! did i tell u already how good this news is? i did, yes, of course. anyways, i will go and have Giraffes meet the rest of my friends here in the house and online. so cu l8r and have fun!!

Help me find Olaf the Giraffe!!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

first of all, i have to tell u a big secret – i am not the only giraffe! well, of course there are lots of giraffes, like in africa or in zoos, but that’s not what i mean. there are, in fact many giraffes, like me – exactly. apparently the don’t exactly travel or blog or take fotografs, but what i mean is that they look like me. more or less. u could say we look alike. a little smaller than regular giraffes too, i’m afraid. we have, in fact the same name too, “the Giraffe”. i guess you could say it is a surname perhaps.

so, now that you know that, let me tell you another thing. the Giraffes (the one’s like me) family is originally from Netherlands. they lived in fact with an artist called Leendert Jan Vis. he is pretty good at drawing, so many cute animals hang around in his place. for example the Bono bears and sheep Jaap. so naturally, there were some giraffes too.

however, here’s another mystery – not all Giraffes have the same name everywhere they go.  for example only few of them are called Ikea. i’d have to say, only the Giraffes in Scandinavia are called Ikea in fact. in most other European countries, they are called – guess what? – Olaf! especially in Netherlands, Germany and UK. so, when i go to Germany, i can check into a hotel and say my name is Olaf the Giraffe and everything works out just fine.

hooh, this is probably the longest introduction i have written so far? well, i guess i have to write more this time because i only have one picture for u, hehe..

so, here’s the thing. me and my friend Sipsik (who is a great big fan of giraffes and Giraffes) have been thinking that we could in fact house more giraffes in Kadriorg. although we already have many friends living with me, there is always room for more giraffes, don’t you think? but here’s a little problem – i have no contacts to other Giraffes, like me, the Olafs. but also, when i have been travelling, i have not met the Olafs recently at all! so i tried searching on the Internet and found a few places they have been on sale, but not recently. so, a big problem, really.

that said, with all of you reading this blog, i hope we can find some Olafs, or maybe even Ikeas? so, let me post a little poster that i have made here:

and then, the last place that i know Olaf has been spotted was on . if you see Olaf – please contact me immediately. or even better, get hold of them right away. i’m sure my friend Sipsik will compensate for you (i think) if it takes some money to bail ’em out. i think we can easily fit 3, maybe even 5-6 Olaf the Giraffe’s here.

what else could i say. hmm.. Olaf is not from plastic, u know. he is soft and cute, like me. he can be smaller than me, but he has big eyes and orange spots. he has been seen in bookstores and gift shops in many countries like Sweden or Germany to France and UK. he has been featuring on a bunch of really nice postcards, so he should be fairly well-known. so, if u read this PLEASE share and HELP us to FIND OLAF the Giraffe! please leave a comment or u can also write me directly – ikea[at]ikeathegiraffe.com if u find him or have any clues.

other than that, have fun and cu l8r!