.. where Ikea visits Suur Munamägi

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

“wohoo, bumblebees” said the Teddies when I told him i was going to travel to Suur Munamägi. i don’t know how they knew it because they have never been to Suur Munamägi. well, i guess the bears tend to know these kind of things..
so, naturally, i had to take some fotografs. the thing with this Suur Munamägi is, that they have a large tower on top where everybody can go with a ticket and enjoy the view. because of the tower, u don’t need a long neck to see far. in fact, instead you need a pretty good weather and binoculars. so, here’s me finally on top of the tower:

but, before that, a lot of fun happened! so, let’s start from the beginning. in order to get to the top of the hill, first you have to start from the bottom of the hill. the bottom of the hill is where the road is. in fact, me and my friends, we travel this road quite often to visit South-Estonia, especially when we go to see the mountain-bike racing. but we never stop at the Suur Munamägi. so, this time we had it all planned out very well, especially the climbing part. it looks a bit like this:

when u start seeing the tower then you know u are almost at the top.

but, it is sometimes good to stop and take a breath or so, like for example in the middle of this climbing. because, u know, then u can see the bumblebees, hehe!

i like bumblebees a lot, especially big ones like that! now, i also have to tell u one thing. it is the name of this place, Suur Munamägi. in English it is the Big Egg Hill. and u must be wondering where this name comes from, because, u know the hills in Estland are not so big at all, like in Sweden. and u are quite right, it is the EGG! check it out:

i’m not a big fan of Eggs myself, as u may have noticed, but this big one is quite cool, don’t u think?
in order to get to the tower, u need to buy a ticket. luckily, giraffes, like me, can go for free! because they don’t have tickets for giraffes. or any other animals, really.

for others, there is two tickets – with an elevator or climbing stairs. guess which one is more expensive, hehe! as for me, i decided climbing. because elevators they make my head dizzy sometimes. they tell me it’s because of the long neck – i’m not sure.

but even climbing, it is not so easy. luckily, they have benches after every once in a while, so that’s quite nice. also, u can sit there and look at some fotografs or spy on other people who are just arriving on top of the hill, like from this round window here:

after many many stairs, finally on top!

this is a compass actually, so u can see where is South. it’s good to have a compass actually, so u know where to go, like for example if u go to South-Estonia. also, did i tell u that i discovered a really really nice shadow there? apparently, this is the highest-placed shadow u can find in Estland!
so, after enjoying the moment of being on top of Estland, (on the first fotograf), i tried out these things called binoculars! and u know what, it seems to me when it comes to sightseeing, i think binoculars are “the best thing ever”, like my friend Otter says! because you can see really really far! here’s me trying to spot a cow 20km away!!

as u can guess, we stayed there for quite while, hehe! so, that’s my trip to the Big Egg Hill. But what about you? Have u noticed any big eggs for example? let me know! have fun and cu l8r! btw, if you are into eggs, check out this post about ostriches!

ooh, almost forgot, also did a little bit of sunbathe later on top of the hill. and also, my friend Dea went to visit Africa and made lots of fotografs from Giraffes!!! they are nice!

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