.. where Ikea visits Dikli (Latvia)

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Guess what!? i have just been to Latvia! that’s gr8 news, because i like travelling a lot! i have to say that i am, in fact, very much tired of this trip, so this post will be a short one. but the good news is that i have fotografs, jei!

also, i can’t tell u exactly what i was doing in Latvia, i’m afraid. because it is a secret!! but for the most time i was in Dikli, which is a village with a Palace. it’s really nice! no kings or queens there, however. instead, there is a hotel with lots of rooms and some other things, especially a Park. But i must say that i had no time to visit this park, but it seemed really really mysterious. so, if i can, i will go back there sometimes.

but, there are lots of fun things u can do in Dikli, for example:

you can ride a bike, like me! very nice, hehe!
then, u can talk to the storks. they are on a quite low tree, so even if u are not a giraffe, like me, you could easily talk to them. Storks are well known for their knowledge about frogs. So, if u are into frogs or snails even, u should talk to them. They live on a tree trunk:

Other things u can do – run like this green Dino. i like running a lot, so this is one of my favorite things to do in Dikli. Here’s me and Dino:

Then of course u can go on a merry-go-round thing to have some fun rounds. it can go really fast, u know!

or, of course, u can just hang around in the area park, eat grass or visit the palace. they said it even has some nice relaxation area with some fun watery things. i did not go there, i was busy outside, actually. maybe i can go next time, because it sounds like fun. so, what about you, have u been to Latvia? let me know because i will go there again, hehe! have fun and cu l8r!

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