.. where Ikea plays hide-and-seek – Swedish style!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i have to tell u that when i was in Sweden, watching Vasaloppet, i also had lots of other fun. for exempel, i played hide-and-seek in Svensk style. let me explain how it goes, so u can have fun too!! first, u need a large pile of snow. i can see from the window right now that everyone should have at least one or two, so it should be no problem. here’s one example:

next thing, u need to find a nice spot to excavate! excavating is like digging, but it sounds much more fun. but, if u don’t want to excavate, digging is OK, too.

so, after a while, u should have a nice hole in the snow pile. NB! u have to keep in mind that the hole is large enough. because, u know, my friend Angel once got stuck in the hole when hiding! i think it was either because the hole was too small, OR, he had too many ice-creams! i don’t know in fact. so, this is how it pretty much looks like:

now, only thing left is to start playing!! or, of course, u can also make a little glass window from ice, if u have more time, hehe!
so, that’s hide-and-seek Swedish style! have fun playing and let me know how it goes! cu l8er!

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